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mllr90 08-27-2020 05:11 PM

30' Spectre Standoff Box?
Hey guys I'm replacing both my transom assemblies. I'm running 500 EFI's with XR drives and -2" offset sportmaster lowers. The boat is a 2003, and it does have the notches in the rub rail on the transom where Spectre raised the X dimension. I'm contemplating adding a standoff box. Has anyone tried this? I called Jay and he can't say for sure what the boat will do so I thought I'd ask here.


obrien 09-26-2020 01:32 AM

I wouldn't waste your time. The extra setback isnt going to help. The best upgrade you can do is to get the shortest drive possible. When we started playing with drive heights, the 30's started gaining speed. The transom bump is there on all the 30 i/o's We went as high as we could with the stock lowers before the shorty drives showed up. From what I remember, The 36 seemed to like having the props 1.5" above the bottom. Most of the 30's had the props below the bottom. Im not sure if anyone has tried imco -3 lowers. A couple years back, I helped a buddy swap lowers on his 30. He had -1 imcos and we went to -2. With the same props the boat went from 104 to 111 on the limiter. Once we put a set of 33" herrings on it, the boat ran 125 and still had more room with a bit more setup time. That boat had whippled 500's in it.

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