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DelawareRiverRunner 10-04-2005 08:07 PM


Well done! I have to figure out how to do this stuff (pic posting and weblinks) myself. It can't be that hard...

I think the same ad...or one very similar to it...was in the Powerboat magazine classifieds in early 2004.

THANKS for the post!!
Was the Sutphen in Hot Boat too??

ChristianGott 10-04-2005 08:10 PM

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my wife's computer is all business, no fun....
...if anyone want's me, i'll send more to you...
thanks to Hot Boat Magazine for the great stuff...

DelawareRiverRunner 10-04-2005 08:12 PM

Woops...didn't see that last post! THANKS again Christian!!

Would you consider selling that issue or if not making a nice color scan of that article for me?? Please let me know, THANKS

ChristianGott 10-04-2005 08:25 PM

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i'd be glad to rescan them...
it would probably be best to email them, as the file size is huge...give me a day or 2 then e mail me....i'll send em out....
glad to help...just think, if i really listened to my wife, and chucked the mags in our move...we'd be out of luck...
..i like to savor the little victories......

DelawareRiverRunner 11-06-2005 08:10 AM

Was out on the river yesterday...turned around near our house and went back up the river...beautiful KILLER loud and fast boat!! Today is another nice day...will it be out again??

I am turning into a pyscho boat stalker?? LOL

ChristianGott 11-06-2005 08:13 PM

did you ever get to open those pics?

DelawareRiverRunner 11-07-2005 07:48 PM

NO...I haven't been able to do so.

ChristianGott 11-08-2005 08:17 PM

i'm emailing you as i type..i'm using a different file type, if it works, let me know and i'll send the rest

Sutphil 05-30-2019 08:24 AM
Scoundrel is for sale now on Yacht World. Lots of pictures.

hogie roll 05-30-2019 09:40 AM

Wow. Big if true. That would make it possibly the fastest non step offshore boat around.

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