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454hoho 11-26-2002 06:22 PM

I need to clear up something. The boat is not the problem. It was the p---ss poor maint. of the previous owner (neglect & poor maint) His tool box consisted of 1.pipe wrench 2. visegrips 3.butter knife/screwdrive. as for the boat sutphens are solid and well made boats. :D :D and fast :D

BODYSHOT1 12-02-2002 06:20 PM


you must've done some work on it, cuz she sure looks great now!


Stillcrazy 12-03-2002 08:53 AM

white & red 30'
Thanks for clearing that up. Got a boat that was also maintained by your guy with a pipe wrenchso I know exactly what you mean. Sutphen did under go a change and I am glad that his product did not suffer. We used to take pride in making them.

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