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SutphenSteph 02-12-2019 08:33 PM

@ inrecovery, the boat this setup came off had drive shafts the length of the extension boxes that went thru transom and bolt to the transmission flange. I do believe you are also correct and if the boat was setup with bravo you could possibly shorten shafts and have transmissions extend into the boxes. I guess Rik would be expert and who I would talk to if I was going to use this setup. I'm sure he knows all the fine details.

Inrecovery 02-13-2019 11:31 AM

Yes you are correct, I see the flange on the inner trans plate, I was not aware of the diff. driveshaft sizes, I guess this would work on alot of diffrent hull sizes and types. Rik is the best for CS and support.

SutphenSteph 02-24-2019 06:44 PM

Will accept any reasonable offer, cash is king.

SutphenSteph 03-08-2019 05:17 PM

SutphenSteph 03-08-2019 05:19 PM

Will include props to make this 100% complete setup. Prop nut to transmissions and everything in between.

IGetWet 03-09-2019 04:48 AM

Originally Posted by Dean Ferry (Post 4670539)
What style boat did they come off, where are the drives located?, and finally, can't you get an adapter for the 26 spline so you can run other props? Thanks Dean

There are other adapters out there, ie: 26 spline to square bravo style hub. But I would not want to be running bravo style props that high out of the water. Many benefits to the ssm props, and there’s quite a few used reasonably priced ones out there.

I'CE 03-14-2019 12:58 PM

Jammie, what size are the wheels? thanks in advance!

SutphenSteph 03-14-2019 06:09 PM

17X23 is stamped into prop face however they look like they were reworked.

SutphenSteph 03-27-2019 11:43 AM

Spring cleaning price of 20k for everything, want this stuff gone.

FSTBMW 04-12-2019 10:56 AM

Originally Posted by SutphenSteph (Post 4678998)
Spring cleaning price of 20k for everything, want this stuff gone.

Is is this setup still available?

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