Trailer Jack Help Needed!

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One with a wheel is a must for me , he has a 23ft boat you should be able to move it a little. Heck I have a 29ft boat and can move mine a little.
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I move mine "a little" with a floor jack if I have to. Id rather have a solid base on mine.
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Originally Posted by ChargeIt
I have the F2 and really like it. much more solid feeling than any other cylinderical side jack I have tried. It does not have a tendency to bend as bad when tugging it a little like most round tube jacks.

From OP signature, he only has a 23' boat so a straight jack is not a necessity.
The wheel does allow more tug alignment to the ball, especially nice if hitching alone.
A wheel also makes moving an unloaded trailer easier.
Finally, with the swing down jack, it is much faster to hitch / unhitch.

OP trailer looks like it is greater than 4" channel but the plate can be turned sideways and bolted direct (or welded)
Exactly, I just need the wheel so I can move it just a hair to line up the ball. That being said, if I side mount a swivel jack won't I loose some turning ability before it hits my bumper? And yes its actually 5" c channel. And with the way the trailer is built, the tongue is really heavy. Especially right now with no engine, drive or transom in it.
P.S. the trailer seems a little over-built for such a light 23 ft boat. It's probably at least a good three feet longer than my friends trailers with similarly sized boats. But hell its a 1989 with only minor surface rust, and I think ittl outlast the boat!

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The A frame is definately a sturdy design but does make side mount jack a little tricky.
I dont think clearance will be a big issue, unless when backing you find the frame can be close to the bumper now?
The furthest point forward for either end of the jack when swung up would be about the brake fluid fill cap.
Biggest concern might be the mount and weight bearing point will be moved from center to outboard of the frame, about 6" total. With the stout 1600# capacity of the F2, I would not think it to be a deal breaker but you might try and envision the support point change.

Boat prob does not weigh more than 3500# fully loaded plus trailer, you are looking at 700-800 tongue at most which is well under any stress point for the F2.
Turn the 3x4 plate sideways and mount holes should be within the inner channel to bolt up with some 7/16 bolts.

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