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Captain YARRR 08-27-2020 06:37 PM

2020 one ton trucks: GM, Ford vs. Dodge
Hey all,

I love my 2015 F-350 DRW but like most on here, I just can't stop looking at the next best thing. I've driven the 2020 GMC 3500 and the Ford F-350 DRW models. Both are awesome machines and the 10 speed feels like a CVT with its spot on power delivery. Absolutely great. Smooth and they absolutely fly.

The new Dodges look great too. The interior especially. I am curious though, how do they drive in comparison? Does the transmission stand out as a low spot compared to the competition?

hoodoo 08-28-2020 07:29 AM

Be aware of the cab clearance on the newer fords. The first time I put my bone stock f350 in the garage the braces on the hurricane door shattered the sunroof. 3000$ fix

Sydwayz 08-28-2020 11:10 AM

I have a 2018 Ram 3500 with the AISIN transmission, and it's FLAWLESS. (Ordered it brand new, Christmas of 2017; took delivery in May 2018) I could not be happier with my decision, and I NEVER would have thought I'd own an FCA product as such. The 2020 Ram 1500 won the "Luxury Vehicle of the Year" title; the first time a truck has done so. The 2500 and 3500 are identical inside save for the gear shift lever. The AISIN is on par with the Allison from all of my research.

The only thing the Ram needs from the aftermarket is a Pedal Commander. FCA programs a delay into the accelerator pedal to delay/manage torque delivery to ALL of their transmissions. I put the Pedal Commander in my truck and it feels like I added another turbo. I told Steve Schuble to add one to his Ram AEV Prospector, and he now texts me once a week wondering why I didn't tell him about such years ago. :D

The Ram 2500 or a special order Ram 3500 with the 68RFE transmission is less powerful from the factory. They detune the motor by 100HP and 100lb/ft. so it doesn't destroy the lesser 68RFE transmission.

Wildman_grafix 08-28-2020 12:22 PM

If you get a RAM get the rear air suspension, drove a buddy's dully with it unloaded and you can not believe how nice it rides. As for the three, I will be buying soon and they all are pretty nice at this point. Really have to be very picky to think one is a huge increase over another.

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