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Griff 09-30-2017 01:29 AM

In the past couple months a few instances with scammers have occurred where members with wanted ads have been targeted.

Their M.O is a newer member on OSO sends the person who posted the wanted ad a PM and says his "friend" has what you are looking for.
He then gives you his friends contact info. The "friend" then sends you some pics and tries or does get the member to send some money.

goran271 09-30-2017 04:33 AM

I know it's stupid coming from me as a new member, who does not know anybody from here, but I think It should be better to make this forum closed or private. If somebody wants to join, contacts the admin or recomendetion from existing members.

thirdchildhood 09-30-2017 06:36 AM

I also look at the length of time a member has been here and if anyone can vouch for them.

phragle 09-30-2017 08:13 AM

Originally Posted by goran271 (Post 4585422)
I know it's stupid coming from me as a new member, who does not know anybody from here, but I think It should be better to make this forum closed or private. If somebody wants to join, contacts the admin or recomendetion from existing members.

While your idea is good, in the practical sense, its not. We regularly get new members that know nobody, got themselves a boat and need help, Its easy to see when somebody joined, its easy to see someones post count, its easy to ask is if anybody knows somebody or has ever done business with somebody. and its easy to report something suspicious to the mods.
IIts like terrorism, we cant lock the doors and hide in dark rooms because there are terrorist in the world.... We cant put warning labels on peoples foreheads and supervise every transaction, but some common sense and due diligence will eliminate most problem, for the problems that remain, we have .327 page beware threads easily searchable.

Brandonb_05 09-30-2017 11:44 AM

Agree. That's what is wrong with a lot of things now, making rules for the exception.

getrdunn 12-12-2017 06:45 PM

If new don't be afraid of sending a pm to a member who's been a paying member with OSO for at least 2-3 yrs. i purchased from new with excellent results but this time of year always seems to be the worst for any scam. Always report scam and look out for fellow member.

goran271 12-12-2017 08:42 PM

Well for me it turned out well on the end.. As I continued my search for bolsters I found 2001 29 Fever with bolsters, so I bought it :) (complete fever)

going to pick up 525 efi next week and new project is a go :)

1989mach1 12-12-2017 08:56 PM

This guy bought a fever.... he could have gotten that out sidea here in ohio for free in 10 guys a sucker...

just joking I hate people that try to rip people off and if you get caught pooping on there porch your the bad guy wtf

brett fiddes 03-03-2018 11:17 PM

Actually I had someone contact me after my wanted add,within last 2 weeks, however thought it was a little fishy when he couldn't email me the pictures, and couldn't offer a contact number, then I googled his name and found out someone else had posted this prick ripping off someone else on another website
Thank you for all those honest people out there

Your reading the last to first email as you go down page
Firstly the introductory email from a friend
Can I ask where you saw the wanted listing and how you know kenneth Hybarger?
From: Reb Hill [[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, 16 February 2018 11:11 PM
To: Brett Fiddes <[email protected]>
Subject: Wtb Paragon BBC exhaust
Hello Buddy, You listed a Wtb ad looking for a Paragon BBC exhaust. Email Kenneth in Arizona. He has one for sale. Here's his email [email protected]
Rebecca Hill
6805 windrift str,
Austin Texas 78745

Then the BS
Thanks for responding
What’s your contact number
I don’t do western union only Paypal
However turns out I have a mate in Arizona that can pickup with the cash in hand
Send me your contact number then we can arrange
Brett Fiddes
Sent from my iPhone

On 18 Feb 2018, at 02:32, Ken Hybarger <[email protected]> wrote:
Brett - WOW!!! Thanks for writing. Sorry for the delay in response as I was busy. I have no idea how I missed your email 14hrs ago. Yes, I have a BBC water cooled exhaust. Exactly like the ones you attached. Excellent condition. No scratches. I do not have pictures because I will have to remove packaging boxes. Never opened since when I bought. I'll let it go for $325 plus Western Union fee, price includes shipping. What is your complete shipping address?
13147 N 22nd Ave,
Phoenix, Arizona 85029

phragle 03-04-2018 12:45 AM

That address shows owned by Robert D and Evette L Robinson. however the parcel nuber shows taxes paid by

Which looks to be a home purchasing company

Now on tracking the appears Old Ken is a scammer,

Bad seller :: Kenneth Stovall Hybarger, Phoenix AZ - Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum

I don't know if this guy is a forum member or just a troll and professional bull****ter.

40 plus emails later and still no parts.

With the recommendation of someone on the forum, I located (or so I thought) a pair of 5th Gen front seat headrest. I negotiated (or so I thought) a good deal and chose to send this guy money via the only way he did transactions via Walmart MoneyScam.

After taking my money, he sent a bogus UPS tracking number and since then has responded with an autoresponder in his email with something like the following:

Who is this?

Ken here! Please let me know if you are still interested in purchasing a , Email and I'll get back to you.

Kenneth Stovall Hybarger
13147 N 22nd Ave,
Phoenix, Arizona 85029

A little research found Ken is or was a USPS letter carrier in Phoenix and now makes a living scamming unsuspecting forum members.

So, he has $200 of my money and in the end I want to pass along this lesson.

Don't do business with anyone you can't talk to over the phone. Don't send ANYONE money via Moneygram. Once they have your money, it's gone for good. Sorry folks, but I'm not doing business with you unless I can shake your hand.

Ken, I hope karma smacks you in the ass.

There is actually a Kenneth Hybarger on Pheonix, however his middle name does not match, nor his address,

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