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kdshouston 11-13-2021 11:57 AM

Bolster Seats
I'm looking for a pair of bolster seats or frames. I would prefer some that are complete (not required). They are going into a budget build.

Sick Stinger 11-14-2021 07:37 AM

I have a set from a Baja,

Jayson Babbitt 02-20-2022 12:32 AM

Originally Posted by Sick Stinger (Post 4812356)
I have a set from a Baja,

. Do you still have the seats?

bajaman 02-20-2022 06:26 AM

I have a set of frames and a set of frames with seats made for a Baja...

Sick Stinger 02-20-2022 08:50 AM

My sets sold.
have more stuff coming in.

bajaman 02-20-2022 09:50 AM

let me know if interested...

Guy Blessington 05-08-2022 08:51 AM

Do you still have these ??

bajaman 05-08-2022 03:05 PM

Originally Posted by Guy Blessington (Post 4831439)
Do you still have these ??

If you are talking to me, yes I do.

Guy Blessington 05-08-2022 03:57 PM

What would these cost me ..I could have a friend pick them up

bajaman 05-08-2022 04:26 PM

I paid $600 for them a couple of years back, plus about $300 shipping, lol...I am asking $600 if they are picked up. Shipping these things is a nightmare...

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