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hoodoo 04-16-2020 06:06 AM

Lake Pend Oreille Fun Run?
Anyone in the region interested in helping organize a mid summer fun run from the Dover/Sandpoint area down the lake to Bayview?
Iím not sure what the local ordinances are but plan to start with law enforcement for varianceís if needed.

87MirageIntruder 04-17-2020 03:08 PM

I thought the lakes in Idaho have a 50mph max speed limit? I was going to head to Couerdalene last summer and thought I read that.

RavensdaleWolf 04-17-2020 10:12 PM

I am a little far to help organize but I would love to attend! I am located in the Seattle area.

hoodoo 04-18-2020 10:40 AM

Fun Run?

Originally Posted by 87MirageIntruder (Post 4734254)
I thought the lakes in Idaho have a 50mph max speed limit? I was going to head to Couerdalene last summer and thought I read that.

they do have speed limits but I think you can get a waiver for a special event, otherwise I would just wing it. Iím pretty sure itís been done before.

LPM 05-27-2020 08:47 PM

As a local performance boat dealer in liberty lake, we would be interested in helping out! Our shop is Legend Performance Marine. We sell Hallett and Nordic powerboats

hoodoo 05-28-2020 07:47 PM

Sounds good.
if you pm me your contact info Iíll stop by.
Iím in and out of Spokane all summer.

bolin22 05-29-2020 03:52 PM

interested in attending, coming from Kalispell.

hoodoo 06-18-2020 08:34 AM

Lake Pend Oreille
Iím still working on, this but the boat Iím bringing up isnít going to be rigged in time for my usual July time frame so it looks like Iím boatless in Idaho this summer. The Bonner Cty sheriffs
marine division told me he would be unlikely to issue a speed limit exemption in areas of recreational boats but invited me to meet with him to discuss specifics, so still possibly doable. Maybe have to stick to a specific route?

hoodoo 06-18-2020 08:50 AM

Lake Pend Oreille
Also waiting to hear back from the marina at Bayview about dock space. I remember them being kind of tight in room. It might be better to leave from Bayview and run north and into the river to Dover where there is a more open marina or even Willow Bay, which is super laid back. But itís about 9 miles down river. Also I have a dock very close to Willow Bay but the wake boat traffic would make rafting a very bumpy affair.

thisistank 08-12-2020 12:35 PM

Just saw this thread. We have land on Pend O'rielle (buddy has a house on Priest) and absolutely love it up there (in the summer ;) ) Goal is to drag the cigarette up there to use at some point. There is a guy that has a lake front house across from Hope that has a nice Gladiator. Last time we were up he was GETTIN' it heading towards Sand Point. Didn't seem to much care about a speed limit :D I believe he was from Washington full time. Good luck with putting this together, if it becomes "a thing" it would give us a good reason to drag up.

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