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0 Must Read—Brownie’s Big Book

One of the most knowledgeable people and best storytellers in the performance boat industry, Allan Brown wrote a book. And the eventful, informative and humorous narrative is even better than expected.

0 How Cool Is Cru?

Whether the next generation of Teague Custom Marine knows it or not, Cru Noack—and his little brother, Nixon—just might be the coolest kids in class.

0 A Need We Feed

When it comes to serving his Garden State community, performance-boat-loving chef Mike Jurusz never stops cooking—and last weekend was no exception.

0 Out Of This World

Between the unbelievable $632,000 raised and the breathtaking setting, the Lake Powell Challenge, which celebrated is 10th anniversary last weekend, is on another level when it comes to performance boat events.

0 Even More Fun From Waves and Wheels

Not only did they sponsor the Shootout On The Strip and host an open house for The Boardwalk at Waves and Wheels during last month’s 30th annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, Justin Wagner and his team are hosting the second annual Waves and Wheels Fun Run next week.

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