At the end of the day we all know what we need to do - AGAIN! Be smart, wait for the next "hearing" and state our case - AGAIN! We can show them - AGAIN that speed is not the issue, and we'll defeat it AGAIN. They need to prove that speed is a problem and we need to prove it's not, (not too difficult) plain and simple. And using the fact that they can't even enforce the rules as they now exist - due to lack of man power amongst other things - how do they plan to possibly enforce this joke of a law? As we know, it's not just about our lake - if this passes, it starts the snowball rolling for the rest of the yahoo's out there to use us as a precedent, and we CAN'T allow that to happen!!

Last I checked the "huggers" were trying to say that the lake is there for everyone to enjoy, but it sounds more like "everyone but the performance boaters". Just for fun, let's do an economic impact study on the performance boat owner vs. the kayaker on the lake over a summer. Performance boater - buys lots of fuel, $$$, goes out each weekend for lunch and probably dinner, $$$, has friends up to visit, more food, more time on the water, more $$$ to fund local towns and lake-based projects... Ok, kyaker - goes out by themselves and paddles around in their plastic bottle watching birds and eats homemade granola they brought up with them from home, er... 'nuff said!

It's all about boater ed., period - boat smarter not slower!! If I had a dime for everytime someone came within 50' of me - never mind the 150' limit... and were driving a bowrider or a floating condo, I could buy a new 42' OL every summer! I have started my anti-speed limit "speech" already, as soon as I - or one of you - gets word of the next hearing, post it here so we can make our voice heard - AGAIN!