I met ICE at the show spent 4 to 5 hours there never went into a BOAT. But we talked a chit load to a few including Mr. TUNA from Cat Killer HE HAS A MARINA OR DEALERSHIP CO. selling Fountains and Formulas. HE WAS VERY NICE to talk to watch some vids of KW 08, and the new 33 fountain looked nice and so on, the 29 formula with silver dashlooked good. Also FOUND a gas tank guy for jon AUDIOFN and maybe my self if I need to shorten the gas tank so the blower will fit. So it was fun meeting the guys in person. Also got a free polo from MAUI JIM, since my hat or tee never showed up from RI show. I walked in kind of pissed biting my lip and ended up with another pair. I told my wife no more loosing them or your shut off from the bedroom never found a baja until we were leaving and saw it while I was on the sky walk. chit next year I am going to go there 1st and look down and see where the few fast boats are. oh the best boat was a 73 blown 540 20' flat bottom did 110mph:did not see the magazine guys so it must be true hot boat is gone but no powerboat there either. well maybe ice will chime in, I had to do some meds to get threw all the walking cause I was to cheap to pay for valet parking I was so cold and sore when I got in the SG sent for a golf cart cause I need the cane to walk straight otherwise my new knee is shorter I would just walk in circles on the right since its my right knee. and friday they told me at PT that the end is near and that since my 1st PT did not work harder to straighten my knee that I will be leaning like that tower in italy forever and thats why I might be in so much pain after 5 months. well back to boats sorry.Good news its been more people this year than last so OBAMAS 13 dollars a week for people under 75,000 a year must be working that one baja was sold a 26 for 60 something with goodies and the 496ho, fountain was sold and they did sell some a miami show. and once again it was nice to meet aka Tuna from conn area. missed bob from flightcraft have not seen him here lately, so HI BOB if you read this. and am moving on to the bedroom to dream about my SHRINK ME pills coming next week thanks JOE, hope to get some weight off for the knee cause I gained a couple from dec to know 18 but back down to 12 on my own. later man