This past weekend I had the privledge to crew on a 2002 36 Daytona. This boat was set up with Eickert 675's with Imco drives. We averaged 92+mph and max speed was 117mph on the GPS. All I have to say is that there were some serious players at the Poker Runs America season opener in Sarasota and I did not expect us to run as well as we did. We did not get passed by anyone the first 2 legs and were the 3rd boat at John's Pass and the 1st boat docked at Gators. In addition, we left 3-5 minutes behind the lead group, Donzi-Drambuie, and passed over 50 boats on the 1st 2 legs before lunch. On the run back the only boat that had the pleasure of driving around us was the Sorcerrer. Thanks again to Mike Flanigan at Lightning Bay Performance Marine who piloted the Daytona exceptionally well and never lifted! :-)

So- I am selling my Sunsation and going to buy a cat. What did Lube Jobs cat say on the back??? "If it's not a cat it must be a dog" Bow wow. I'm in.


Craig Zurman
Seminole, Fl