Sdrago (steven), My first performance boat was a 21' Checkmate with a 260hp small block mated to an alpha.When it was time for a repower I went with a G.M. crate 350c.i. 330hp long block.I was young at the time and also on a limited budget. The motor worked out great,drive held up to some pretty serious beatings too.All I did was change freeze plugs,swap over my accessories,and drop it in.When your ready to do anything,let me know.If you choose to go this route, I get my normal parts discount thru my shop,plus I can always squeeze my G.M. dealer for a little more.At the time,many,many years ago,I think It was about $1200. They will deliver to my shop n/c and you can pick it up here. P.S. do you have any pictures from the Poker Run?