I'm starting to get frustrated. I found a good deal on a used truck. Private party and has over 100k. Because of the milage and that it wasn't through a dealer, we were having trouble finding a loan. A local bank was willing to give us one for a good rate so we got most of the paper work completed. Because they wanted the title for the lien and the seller needed the money to have his lien released, we wrote a check off the credit card. We now have the title and truck, but the bank doesn't want to give us the loan because the truck has a salvage title. It was a theft recovery. We've shopped around other banks but they insist on using this obsurd value that is significantly less than the purchase price, much less the book value. I was wondering if there were any board members here that would like to sell us a loan. We're looking for $15,000 on a 1996 Dodge ram 2500 pickup with the diesel engine. Extended cab, long box, slt package. Grade A spotless credit.