Thanks again Steve it works like a charm. To fill the rest of you guys in I had my AC unit out to be fixed this spring it had a cracked fitting and lost all its coolant. I brought it to a local HVAC company in the area that does lots of marine work. Reinstalled it last week fired it up and the compressor wont run. Sh!# its going to be hot this weekend,guess we wont sleep on the boat. I call the guys up they come out and look at it in the boat and tell me the compressor is shot. Sh!#! I had them install it the year before! So they tell me they will check for any warranties and call me Monday but it will probably cost me another $350. So in desperation I call Tinkerboater to get some advice. After scolding me for not bringing it to him in the first place he volunteers to take a look at it. So Thursday night after 8:00 pm he's working on my AC what a guy!!!!! after about 10 min. he says the jerk braised the line shut....but he can fix it no problem. To make a long story short its back in the boat and running like a charm. Steve you the Man!!!!
Thanks again!!!