Hi all,

I'm looking for advice on refinancing my boat, as well as, checking into different insurance rates. I'm currently paying 6.5% on a $102,000 note through 5th 3rd Bank. I have great credit scores, a fairley solid income, with marginal debt ratos. Also, I figured while I was at it, I would review my insurance coverage. I've talked to a few friends that think I may be paying too much for coverage. Doesn't hurt to look!

The boat is a 2001 32' Sunsation, hp500efi's, 85-87 mph, and used 99% of the time on Lake Staint Clair, MI. (and Great Lakes). I'm 33 years old, 3 minor speeding tickets in the last year (opps!), no other violations (i.e. DUI), and I haven't had a boat related claim in over a year and a half.

Any help would be much appreciated!