My grandparents live on the water (Lake Livingston) it is a great lake for people that have a lot of experience on it. I would not reccomend going there unless you already know the lake. If you know someone who lives there and want to be on a lake with no crowd it is the place to go.

I live in Glaveston, which is near Clar Lake, Clear Lake does not have clear water. However it is the gateway to the bay, and from this lake you can get some attention. There are quite a few clubs on the water, one even a floating club. The famous Kemah Boardwalk is on the channel leading from clear lake to the bay. Clear lake has probably the highest content of offshore race boats in Texas. Cross Galveston bay from clear lake and you can access the intercoastal water way, the gulf of Mexico, or stay at Moody Garden Hotel and even run east over to Lake Jackson all in one day. I would say Clear Lake is the best lake in Texas to do any Offshore powerboating.