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# Title Make Type Price Photo
1 Turbine Rigging and Exhaust 50000
Turbine rigging and exhaust Complete turbine rigging and exhaust, All wiring and gauges complete from the dash to the motors. All throttles and shifters, Brake system, and plumbing. Well over $100k i..
2 Aluminum rocket launcher leaning post leaning post leaning post 1000
Aluminum rocket launcher leaning post , interior not included white powdercoated. Our price is $1,000.00 each Call Scott at 850-875-0381
3 Snapon miss Budweiser box
For sale. Very rare and cool snapon box. Great shape. Located in minnesota. $1000.00
4 Gil engine bracket 24" set back used gil engine gil engine bracket 500
Used gil engine bracket. 24" of set back. Asking $500 OBO. No rust. in good condition.
5 dock box new by West Marine West Marine Dock Box 700
NEW West Marine dock box. 85" wide, 24" height, 22" deep. Model # 6933550, MFG 73551. Sale price is $700 OBO plus shipping.
6 twin control by Latham Marine Latham Marine control box 650
Used Latham Marine twin control box. Shift, throttle, throttle, shift. Rear bottom entry. No trim buttons. In good working condition. Sale price is $650 plus shipping. Call to purchase over the phone ..
7 Variety of used inner transom plates Mercury Inner transom plates 25
Variety of used Mercury inner transom plates - Alpha, Bravo, TRS and Speed master. Starting at $25 & up. Call or message for more information.
8 Variety of used Fuel filters Gas or Diesel Fuel Filters 400
Variety of used gas and diesel fuel filters in good condition. Asking $400 OBO. Call or message for more information.
9 Y pipes & exhaust fittings Mercruiser Y Pipes and Exhaust Fittings 100
Used Mercruiser Y pipes & exhaust fittings. Call for details and pricing.
10 power steering reservoirs Variety Power Steering Reservoir 50
Variety of used power steering reservoirs. Many to choose from. Starting at $50. Call for details.
11 Variety of used transom mount Stainless Steel transom mount 100
Used transom mounts for sale. Stainless steel water pick ups, many styles are available. Starting at $100. Call for more details.
12 # 6 mounting brackets used by Latham Marine Latham Marine mounting brackets 250
Used Latham Marine triple or quad Mercury Racing #6 speed master tri-bar mounting brackets. In good condition. Asking $250 each plus shipping. Call for more details or to purchase.
13 Banks twin turbo kit for big block 3000
This is a Gale Banks twin turbo kit for your big block 454 496 502 540 565 u get the point the turbos are Ray J all stainless steel water cooled exhaust 3 inch piping a 50mm blow off valve by tail and..
14 Stainless Steel Rudders
one is post style rudder 34", other one is Latham Marine 39 3/4" total length. Latham rudder has a few knicks on leading edge. $7,000 each OBO
15 DCB F32 canopies-New DCB canopy windshield 7500.00
New set of canopies for DCB F 32. Over 10K to order.
16 wing plates by Latham Marine Latham Marine Wing Plates 1500
Used set of Latham 3.0 liter Mercury wing plates. Good condition. Asking $1500 for set plus shipping. Purchase over the phone or on eBay listing # 363302647473
17 wing plates for Yamaha Yamaha Wing Plates 200
Used set of wing plates for Yamaha. $200 plus shipping. Call to purchase over the phone or buy on eBay listing # 363302634509
18 Stelling Big Tubes black 40" tails $8000.00 $8000.00
Also have 5 drives - Bam 1500 dry sump trans - fly wheels - bells - couplers - drive shafts - race mounts - convert your Brav cat to 5 drives - call for pricing and details
19 Complete fuel injection, HP500efi (price lowered) Mercury Fuel injection $1800
Complete efi from HP500. Manifold has been extrude honed, two throttle bodies, stock and 1000 cfm, complete wiring harness and fuel rail, including "cool fuel" and injectors, MEFI 3 with Mark Boos pro..
20 IMCO turn downs *New* *2ea Sets* IMCO turn downs $800.00
New turn downs for 4.5" tips. 2 sets, polished.