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Default Adrenaline

Hey guys,

First off let me start by saying thanks for reading this.

It has been a dream come true to be able to build these machines and to hone my skills as well as those who are around me to create cutting edge designs and new products.

What is really cool is looking at your own boats in magazines, when I sit back and think about it, it kind of blows me away. I used to read these magazines as a kid and now my boats are in them and have even been on the cover. WOW!!

With the global economy and internet we have spread out into Europe and are laying down the ground work for distribution there. Things are even slow in Europe right now. We actually sent one V30 to Norway just a couple of months ago.

We have a CE certification for both a twin engine and single engine version of the V30. Response to the boat in Europe has been great.

With all the rumors flying around I thought I would chime in and give an update.

Unfortunately some people like to police the boards and make all kinds of slanderous remarks and accusations. That is why I don’t come on here very much. Which sucks because I like talking about boats. It was almost better being a guy who liked boats instead of a boat builder which I have been now for about 9 years. Once you become a boat builder the fiery arrows start flying. The people who fire them don’t care about the others involved peoples careers or families etc, they just let them rip and don’t think about their actions. I would say that the message boards can be the tabloids of the boating industry no doubt.

Adrenaline has felt the same impact like every other high performance boat company in this economy as well as endured some very trying circumstances.

We have moved our operation to a town near Augusta GA called Lincolnton. This was a strategic move on our part which was decided over for a long time for family and business reasons including the settlement of a lawsuit that involved our prior facility which I personally built in 2003-2004 and was entitled to 50 percent ownership in. It was a real estate investment that was disputed over and litigated over for years while Adrenaline occupied the property. My mistake was moving Adrenaline into the building upon its completion without first being dealt the agreed upon ownership and proper lease, and operating agreement for the partnership as I trusted the person that I built the building with. It’s a long story but the bottom line is we just decided to cut our losses and move on and were blindsided along the way. We did not move out in the night either as alleged. During the settlement where the 50 percent ownership was finally given and signed by a judge, we agreed to move out by a certain date. In order to re-let or sell the facility as we did not want to occupy it as a tenant any longer due to the unstable history of the partnership gone bad. The other 50 percent party in the LLC that owns the building maliciously created an artificial default of the agreement that was signed. He tried to extort money from us by refusing to deposit our monthly payments, submitted fake expenses to us demanding immediate payment without even a copy of a bill and tried to lock up all of our assets by having the LLC lawyer swear out a false affidavit of default. The amazing thing about our legal system is even if you are in the right; you have to spend thousands of dollars to defend your position. So instead of fight the pending illegal auction to the tune of 15-20K in legal bills we made a financial decision to let it go. Are there any good LLC lawyers out there? You would love to hear this story and I would love to talk with someone who is an expert in the field. It’s pretty unbelievable and very documented but history none the less. All of this took place after spending nearly 40K the previous year litigating this same individual over this building and his ties to our boat company. We have been accused of ripping apart the factory during the move. This is not true! It’s kind of hard to sweep the floor and pick up the trash after a move when the locks get changed. Keep in mind I built the facility. It would have pleased me very much to get the place ready to rent and actually have a viable investment on the books. But the other owner just used the building and the LLC lawyer to push us around and disrupt our business. It is sad but true. Some people are just destructive. Our attorney even conveyed that we would clean up our building and make it ready to rent if the other owner would stop fighting with us, show us an accurate accounting of the LLC and let us in to finish our move out and prep for new tenant. That was refused as his actions were strictly vengeful and malicious. So we just decided to stop fighting over it. Sometimes it’s not worth it, especially when we found out that the other party refinanced the building pulling out all the equity without disclosure or member consent from our side and paid off personal bills with the money.

On a positive note our former in house artist / do everything guy and still good friend Brandon, attended the Auction of basically nothing and bought a portion of the V24 molds. So after all they are safe and well and we did not have to spend 15-20K and all the drama with more litigation. Adrenaline decided about a year ago that we would not likely produce another V24 for no other reason than our focus being on the higher price point boats and ambitions to build larger boats. Brandon in conjunction with Adrenaline is selling the complete set of V24 molds and design rights, trademarks etc to the V24. It will make an awesome boat to produce for a company that is focused on price point and performance. We would certainly love to see more running around as they are very unique and compact.

The focus of Adrenaline during the economic slow down has been to streamline and position itself for the changes that are inevitable in the industry. We have been doing quite a bit of re-power, re-paint and general upgrades to a number of boats as well as fine tuning some previous concepts that took the back seat to a busier schedule.

We have a lot of new content to get up on the website which is coming soon.

The town that we moved to is a small country town with a lot of history, it embodies the family values that my wife and I desire to raise our 5 daughters in and has a great work force to pull from. We even have a huge garden and chickens. I have always wanted to farm a little and that is what we are doing, and absolutely love it! We were given some pretty incredible incentives by the local development authority to bring business to their county, including tax breaks and land. We are located in between 2 deep water boat ramps for testing and are basically surrounded by water on Clarks Hill for the locals or Lake Thurmond for you out of towners.

Anyway, just wanted to give an update.

If anyone wants pictures of the chickens, let me know because I’m not kidding I really have chickens and nothing beats fresh farm eggs and fresh tomatoes. Boat builder / Farmer what a combination.

Our new # is 706.359.6899 or you can just call the old number and it will forward you here.

Thanks a lot

Mike Layton

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Mike great to hear the story

Good luck on moving forward
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Not in ANY way wanting to get involved in the he said she said b/s going on in the other thread.. Just want to say that regaurdless of what has or hasn't happened in the past I would love to see this company thriving ahead & building the awesome boats it has built in the past !! I am classic lined old school offshore to the bone but I have to say that the V30 is right near the top of my list as one of the best looking boats to ever come out of a mold in my opinion & from what I have seen & heard the fit , finish & quality is there as well !! Which is of Major importance to me !! I hope to one day be able to afford one of my own but for now I just have to dream a bit..

If you guys ever need anything in the paint department feel free to give me a shout.. Brandon knows how to get ahold of me & has seen several pics. of my work as we have talked back & forth a good bit the past couple months.. Ifnot here is my email address:

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Thanks for the compliments. I / we really take a lot of pride in our work and aside from the drama of our former sales rep and former building partner have a pretty smooth program.

I have been working on some pretty cool updates for the V30. Some are pretty aggresive styling concepts and others are geared more towards hitting a lower price point using the same basic design.

I will be putting some new stuff out soon.

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Mike....good luck in the future, your boats are really something, keep up the good work.
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Rough story, sorry to hear all of that, it ruined my dream of coming to work for you guys (I live in Acworth). Wish you guys the best, and you do build the best looking boats on the market. I saw one of the v30 on Allatoona, it was the loudest best sounding boat i have ever heard, your interiors are WAY above everybody else. Good luck living the country life. Boats and country the best of both worlds.
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Interesting story. I would definitley check Adrenaline and Mike Layton out before you do business with them. Everybody he did business with is wrong but he is right, the dealers and market did not work here in the US so he is going to Europe, the legal system works for the criminal and he is the victim, etc...

Hmm...sounds fishy to me.

Just my .02

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