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Beware Mabbco Motors Tyler, Texas

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----Knowing what you know now, I cant imagine you would accept any re-done motor from this Mabbco company. Press them for your money back but probably prepare to eat your loss. They have already spent your cash and probably live from one job to the next. Companies that screw something up this badly wouldn't get a second chance from me........Bill S
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Yeah guys, they already spent that money. Sent the short block to a real company along with some extra go fast stuff and getting ready to install shortly. All I want is that no one else would do business with Mabbco if they can help it! They talk a good game and don't deliver. I salvaged some of the stuff so not out the full freight! Turned out okay though as I upgraded both engines, new stainless exhaust, etc. Turned a loser into a winner hopefully! Just want to keep this post alive to help others.

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Sucks feel your pain, have same things here in Michigan. Your mag is in one of my favorites. Good luck
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Default Mabbco Motors

Originally Posted by JPrusinows View Post
To all,

Please think very carefully before purchasing anything form Mabbco Motors in Tyler, Texas. They talk a good game yet do not deliver. After the sale they do not answer emails, they do not respond to phone calls, and they certainly do not have a "technician call you" when you submit a warranty claim. They do however cower and hide behind a "published limited warranty", as they so frequently state in the multiple Better Business Bureau complaints against them

Here's the story. I Recently purchased a Motor that arrived in a condition that was far from what was expected. Motor arrived very poorly assembled, using parts of very low quality, many of which have no manufacturer branding and the workmanship in assembling the engine was several steps below inferior! In fact the Motor was never even installed/ran and actually failed during a spin test on the engine stand when rotated by hand!! Upon inspection it was discovered that the steel crank (re-manufactured) was ground and then not polished before assembly (probably the worst example of a crankshaft I have ever seen), The journals were of all different sizes and worse yet the Crank was never cleaned before assembly! This allowed all the sediment to remain in the crank to do wonderful things to the bearings upon the rotation by hand! All in all, the motor rotated about 10 times before completely locking up and destroying the bearings, and filling the oil with all the sediment form the filthy hunk of steel they used as a crank. Typically there are 23 steps to re-manufacturing a crankshaft, looks like they skipped all of them! Needles to say the motor will have to be completely dis-assembled, cleaned properly and be put back together with new internals.

Back to the story, immediately upon discovering this situation both myself and my mechanic reached out to Mabbco and described the situation. This is the last correspondence we have been able to achieve. It has been well over a month and not a word out of Mabbco as to what they are going to do to rectify the situation. They do not respond to emails, they do not answer the phone, and if they do, they always claim they will get back to you after 6pm. In what year? LOL!

Additionally, as far as the warranty claim is concerned it is a joke. All proper procedure was followed on our part and we have yet to hear from them. Claim was submitted with photos and a description of events and issues. Still nothing as far as a response is concerned. What is a shame is that they could simply admit their mistakes, pick it up and fix it! They are in the engine building business after all! Or so they claim.

Anyway, I will shortly attach photos of the condition the engine arrived in and the damage sustained due to the poor workmanship and inferior quality.

By removing all of the emotion and simply stating the facts I hope I can help at least one person avoid a similar situation. Google before buying! And take heed in some of the stories out there. Usually where there is smoke there is fire.

Please think very carefully before purchasing anything form Mabbco Motors in Tyler, Texas.
We are in the same boat our engine bought from them blew up after three hours upon closer inspection shoddy, cheap parts. We contacted the BBB, The Texas Attorney Generals Office and the Federal Trade Commission and are in the process of hiring at this moment and suing them. Let me know if you would like the lawyers name
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No offense, but they are a very budget oriented, mass quantity rebuilder. This doesnt excuse what was done here, but does excuse the use of no name parts and etc. Good luck with getting the situation resolved!
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