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What to bring with me?


What to bring with me?

Old 04-06-2011, 02:20 PM
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Default What to bring with me?

Hey guys,
I'm fairly new to boating and wanted to get some input or a good list on what to load my boat with for safety gear and what to bring so I don't get stranded. I have a 79 formula 233 with twin 350's and will be taking it about 80 miles max through in-shore bays and straights. Any links to useful info would also be appreciated.
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Start with USCG required equipment,


A few items I keep on board in addition are:

-First Aid Kit
-Tool Kit
-Few Qts of Oil / Drive lube
-Spare Belts (I keep a set of season old belts in my tool kit)
-Water Pump Impeller (again, I keep last years)
-Cap and Rotor (Ditto)
-Spare Prop and hub
-Hand Held VHF / GPS in my emergency kit
-Paper Charts (depending on where you are going)
-Spare fenders for when people want to tie up with $.99 walmart specials
-Plenty of dockline
-Anchor - When we boat at out home lake, it is very shallow so I keep a smaller anchor with a short line on it just to make life easier when we toss it at the sandbar.

I'm sure there is more... Sounds liek a ton of crap but almost all of it fits under the cabin step, and I keep a "go bag" with the first aid, VHF, etc in it in case of an emergency.

A lot will depend on the environment in which you boat. We are planning a trip in a few weeks accross the Gulf of Mexico to Key West, so we are a bit over prepared for a typical day on the lake, but it's easier to have it all and not need it than to not have it.

Hope this helps!
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RT, that's a pretty comprehensive list!

I agree with "Bumpers" or fenders as well, and go up once size. Even people with bigger boats than yours pull out Wallmart crap! I have one set meant for my size boat (32'), and one set meant for one step up (36-42) for the guy that comes along bigger than mine. It's so rare that people have the right gear that I'm actually shocked every time someone pulls up with proper fenders to tie up with me.

The USCG site talks of a whistle, but air horns are sooooo much more fun, and a great way to wake up hungover, lightweights in the AM on over-nights.
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Artie, any luck with the leak ?

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Old 04-06-2011, 06:18 PM
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Sea Tow or Boat US
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U have to have an anchor, flares, horn, a throw, fire extinguisher, and life jacket for everybody thats the law. Turbo has quite a list probably more than I would go.
Beyong USCG regs above You need the following

-2 Dock lines
-Small tool kit with basic tools
-jumper cables
-first aid kit
-Ship to shore radio if your going way out or dont have cell service
- 2 or three fenders
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Heres the three rules to boating for your guest and crew

1 always bring more beverage then you can drink.......theres no carry out in the middle of the pond.

2 pack something warm to wear.....the weather always changes and there is NO going in early.

3 bring cash.........because I don't take American Express.

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Originally Posted by wjb21ndtown
The USCG site talks of a whistle, but air horns are sooooo much more fun
I attach a whistle to each life jacket. I carry an air horn too because my boat does not have a built in horn.

A few other things....an oar, boat pole/hook, rags.
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Are we having fun, yet?
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I usually carry a jump pack along, on long trips or overnighters! I installed a third battery, also.
The tip about the whistles on each jacket is a very good idea! I did that a few years ago.
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Originally Posted by wjb21ndtown
RT, that's a pretty comprehensive list!

You know, I never actually thought about all the stuff I have on there. Like I said, it all fits under the step, so it's out-of-sight out-of-mind. Funny how when people break on the water they call me before they even call the parts store
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