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Merc Racing 2005 - 525EFI to Vesselview


Merc Racing 2005 - 525EFI to Vesselview

Old 06-29-2020, 11:30 AM
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Default Merc Racing 2005 - 525EFI to Vesselview

I read that the Mercury VesselView system is compatible with all Mercury motors from 2004 up, including the Mercury Racing Engines.
So I bought 3 complete VesselView systems some years back.
Last week I pulled them out of storage and went to connect the system up.
I figured out I don't have the adaptor cable to go between the main lead to the engines. No reference manual I found gives any part numbers for this adaptor cable - if it even exists?

I have three of these - as new old stock. Two VV one Racing VV.


I ran the Vesselview cables 84-879982T
They have ends like this at the engine end - female with terminators built in.

VV main leads

I was set up to run two main cables to the dash - one for each engine - to the junction box as per the twin engine installation option.

But I cannot find anything to plug this connection into on the engines.

I researched and I believe these fittings started on the Mercury Racing engines in 2008?

My engines are 2005 Mercury racing 525 with Whipple chargers installed.
But the old Vessel View brochures say they are compatible with all mercury engines after 2004.

SN OM950339


and I believe theses engines have the older style Mefi DLC connectors?

I found this picture on the internet and the one on my engines looks the same - below.

Mefi data link

I believe this is the DLC - top left above the ECU - correct?

Back of engine see above ECU

Or is there another 10 pin DLC connection on this engine somewhere?

I have looked and I cannot find another one.

If we only have the older style Mefi data link connector on these engines - can I run the Vessel view system off it ?

I have all I need except the adaptor to link the VV cables to these engines somehow.

If I just need an adapter from the rectangular pink female fitting above to the mefi oval one, can anyone tell me the part number please.

I have contacted my local Mercury Dealer and they said my engines were not compatible with Vesselview and I had to use analog gauges and the 9 pin adaptor - old school setup.
I contacted Mercury Headquarters in Australia - to confirm what the local dealer said and they said the engines should be VV compatible and to contact my local dealer!

Does anyone know if there is a crossover adaptor to mate the Mefi DLC to the pink 10 pin modern DLC cable?
Part number ?
Or can I just make one myself?

Or is the system just not compatible with Vessel View at all like the Dealer said?

Thanks in advance. Blaine

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I have a 2003 500 EFI with the MEFI 3 computer. My engines are not compatable with VV. I used a fox marine gateway to convert the engine data to NEMA 2000, and have the digital engine information displayed on my lowrance.
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pcbdonzi (08-04-2020)
Old 06-29-2020, 08:34 PM
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Looked up your serial number and it is a 555, so it should have the connector somewhere. Don't know if its buried or something else, but it should be there
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The last engine pictured is not a 525, not sure what it is. 525ís donít have a distributor. The blue smartcraft harness does not plug into the dlc. If I get to my boat this week Iíll take a pic. I have 2005, 525ís
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Looks like an early whipple/525efi kit that uses an MSD EFI distributor, mefi controller and aftermarket wiring harness. If so, it wonít have the plug in for the blue smartcraft cable.
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Unlimited jd (06-30-2020)
Old 06-30-2020, 08:21 AM
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Thanks to all for your replies.
The engines are definitely 525's with early Whipple kits on them.
So at least I know the way forward.

Your guidance is appreciated.
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525's have no distributor and use ignition coils/cam/crank sensors with a Motorolla 555 computer. This looks like a 500EFI with a whipple kit and using MEFI computer
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VoodooRob (08-04-2020)
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For now I have ordered a couple sets of analog gauges.
I'll set up a gateway at a later date.

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what are you putting together ?
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Default 382

Many, many years ago I bought a Formula 382 hull and deck that had been completely stripped. Some may remember the story, I believe the original owner was charged with insurance fraud.
The boat still has never been in the water again except I recently towed it to my house to put it on a boat lift as I never seemed to get much done when the boat was in storage.
Plus life and work just keeps getting in the way.
Anyway now the boat is at home so I'm getting a lot more done.

I have upgraded the concept of this boat numerous times.
I started with bravo 2's. I now have Arnesons hanging off the transom.
I also initially had brand new Merc 8.1s in her, but came to the realization, what's the point of having a go fast boat if it doesn't go fast.
So I changed the build concept to aim for 90+ mph.
Now I know many of you on OSO think 90+ mph is not fast. But it will be plenty fast for me as most of our boating here is done offshore.

I ended up selling the new Merc 8.1's and I'm now running some older whippled rebuilt - what I believe are 525's bored to 540's.
I say 525's as that's what the engine serial numbers suggest.
I haven't even started these engines yet. But getting closer every day.
Just piecing it together as time and finances allow.
It's a long haul when you start from just a hull and deck and keep changing the build concept.

Here is a photo when I first imported the 382.

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AllDodge (08-05-2020)

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