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Rotten Stringers

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If you are talking about the delamibation between the core, ie plywood between the laminates I totally agree. The fiberglass layer them selves delaminating is caused by poor preparation between layers. In areas that are non structural you do not need to remove the plywood. According to the naval engineers if you have more laminates on top than the sides you create a I Beam effect. There are many boats out there that are built with hollow stringers. If you're repairing the boat why go through all the extra work when it's not necessary. We build a 61 with 1800hp man's that only has high density core in the engine room. The rest is so light it crumple if you hit it with your foot. It's the glass giving it the strength not the core. These boats are designed and engineered by Naval Architects. They are the experts. They do all the load tests. Just because it's always been done a certain way over the years, does not mean it's the best way. Technology has changed. I do it according to what the architects specify.
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