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Spring "Fuel" Cleaning

Old 04-10-2005, 05:15 PM
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Default Spring "Fuel" Cleaning

Weather was nice so I decided I'd install a couple new deck plates on the outboard bracket (I was amazed, the old ones came out easily and the new ones just dropped in place) and then decided to see if the motors would fire. They both fired up fine (a lot of foggin oil smoke!), then after a few minutes the port motor stumbled, died and wouldn't refire.

A little investigation (pulling the cowl and checking the fuel filter bowl) showed that the water seperator, motor fuel filter, and all six carb float bowls were filled with water. It hardly even had a gasoline smell. I cleaned and drained all the filters, seperators, and carbs and it fired back up and runs fine.

However, the junk that came out of the seperator was disgusting. I obviously need to get the fuel and tank cleaned out.

So, has anyone used the commercail tank cleaning services and know a good one to recommend?

AN alternate idea (good/bad?) is to hook an electric pump to the outlet with a dedicated high capacity filter and pump all the fuel in the tank through the filter then back into the tank a couple of times. It wouldn't be too expensive to build a setup, but would it do a good enough job to make it worth while? I probably could also back-pump the tank to dislodge any remaining crud.



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Default Re: Spring "Fuel" Cleaning

With the price of fuel now I'd consider "cleaning" the fuel you have. Or if you have any neighbors you don't like maybe you can "give" it to them??? I hear it works wonders on the lawn.
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Old 04-10-2005, 10:18 PM
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Default Re: Spring "Fuel" Cleaning

I store my boat with very little fuel. I don't like it sitting all winter with junk in it. I'll Fill it to rim next week
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Default Re: Spring "Fuel" Cleaning


Keep an eye on your filters. An empty tank all winter will leave room for a lot of condensation build up over the winter.

I usually try for 3/4 of a tank leaving room in the spring to throw fresh fuel on the top of it in the Spring.
Even after doing that. I don't usually run the boat hard until the 1st tank of the season is gone.

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Default Re: Spring "Fuel" Cleaning

Greg, what you need to have done is called fuel oil polishing.They drain your tank and filter all water and contaminates out of your fuel then while the tank is empty they steam clean it and then put your now clean fuel back in. it ussually runs a couple hundred bucks but I don't know anyone in your area.
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Default Re: Spring "Fuel" Cleaning

Found a listing for the local Fuel Clean franchise, am waiting to get an estimate.

Thanks - Greg

I called Clean Fuel. They can only work if they have a straight down access into the tank, which I don't have since they are sealed below the deck.

Looks like I'll have to try the home-grown approach unless someone knows of a company that can work through the normal 1-1/2" fuel fill hoses.


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