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Bad Business list Bob Anderson

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Default Bad Business list Bob Anderson

Anderson Eliminators. OK so i bought the boat from him no warranty.i started talking with him on options and on price the middle of last summer "JULY" He we agree on a few different combinations and options. He then proceeds to tell me he cannot get it on the water till spring of 2005. I him and haw a Little and think a while. And i am going to pay full price???? and still no warranty. HMMMM OK maybe this is how this High PO boating works. I start talking more and it is not how it works. So at this point after like two months of talking, Him being gone Me being busy i decide to make him a offer for just the boat. I like to build motors and i figure i can either just buy a drive or maybe i can figure that out too. He come's back and tells me he can get it in the water with a vortech 454truck motor (junk) with 100k on it for this year (2004) I say no thanks i would just like the boat. he says no way. i continue to talk with him cuz i actually like the graphics. I am also looking around for other boats but this one suits me just fine. (yes i know long story) So eventually we come to a agreement on price in December. I give him what he wanted for the boat running with 60 DAY WARRANTY. THE SAME price he wanted in august with the vortech 454 running. But this was for a box of parts. He gave me 2 motors one froze broke but running and one that had 100k on it. He threw in a drive. i looked at the drive because the bottom was chewed up. He said "no it is good"( Little did i know it was good for a boat anchor). The tower was junk the gears were junk I just blew the u joint yoke without even getting on it It must have been weak( so i even took this stride even though i blew the outer housing and the input shaft). the one 454 had little hours on it but it had a crack in the block that was brazed but i knew about this. I found a Bravo and set up the gears myself bought a bunch of parts for the Little necessities etc so this eve after i replace the outer bell-housing cuz i blew the yoke.I built the motor i wanted for just a Little more Than i could swing, you know it always runs over a little. i get on the water and i say damn this is what i have been waiting for, nice weather beautiful eve Bud light. I get it up like 45 mph just cruising. I have a total of 3.2 hours on the motor. I think to myself that i would like to time it and see how it goes but NO i have plenty to do i want to take it out on Sunday because it is supposed to be warm here. this eve a few friends get together an float a while and have a few beers. i take off to get closer to the landing at dark and i smell something burning??? the motor revs; i try it; and again. now today, i had it up to 55 mph and i blew the coupling. I think to my self this guy that sold me this is a ass. i gave him what he wanted!! he threw every piece of F$%%^&%ing junk at me he could. so i paid for a running eliminator and i saved him the cost of rigging it putting the motors in it and he could not even give me one good piece? I am going to write to the better business bureau. I know, i built a good power plant cuz i had it going pretty fast twice. For a total of like 3 minuets at 5200 rpm. other than that it has been idle. this guy is a ass. I have nothing good to say about him! RANT RANT!!!!!! When some business seal that i have goes to **** i have to make it right! Is it possible to blow a coupler in like 3 hours. it has to be junk in the first place, doesn't it? the yoke that i broke had to be cracked or stretched. this cost me a outer bell-housing the u joints were intact except for a few missing needles. If he was giving me junk why tell me it is good stuff? I did not even ask if it was good? point being he could have not given it to me at all and saved me a bunch of trouble. At this point i am fed up, now i cannot use it for the weekend and i have to pull the motor again! I am going to write a letter to the better business bureau for spite!!

ONCE AGAIN I GAVE HIM HIS ASKING PRICE FOR A RUNNING BOAT WITH A SIXTY DAY WARRENTY! AND ALL I GOT WAS JUNK. I am sorry this pisses me off. I know sales is sales but why tellme it is good when it is junk.

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Default Re: Bad Business list Bob Anderson

where is he located?
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Default Re: Bad Business list Bob Anderson

Did you ask him to fix the thing when it broke? Do you have a contract writen for the warrantee?

When you dropped in the new motors did you allign them with the drive? Yes you can blow a coupler fast if your motor is out of allignment.
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Default Re: Bad Business list Bob Anderson

Originally Posted by Downtown42
where is he located?
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Default Re: Bad Business list Bob Anderson

The allignment was on. i checked it with the shaft before i attached it to the upper housing!
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