Why IO over OB?

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Default Re: Why IO over OB?

I'll agree that they both have their place, when it comes to i/o vs. o.b. but as for carbs vs. e.f.i. a carb will never beat a fuel inj. setup .02
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Default Re: Why IO over OB?

When I was a little kid on the beach, I thought the coolest thing in the world was that you could hear the offshore boats before you could see them. I would hear that rumble, then run up to the water and wait for it to pop into sight. That, for enough reason for IO engines.
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Default Re: Why IO over OB?

I Just saw a Midnight Express ( I think it was 35 or 38 ft, not sure) with 4 275 HP verados on it. I liked the looks of the boat but it just doesn't seem right with 4 egg beaters on the back. The boat is said to do a hair over 75 with the quads.

I have a small CC with a 115 2 stroke yami on it and I love the lack of maintence on them but they are limited with some aspects. My opionion, Fishing boats OB performace IO. No real reason's besides the ones already stated but just my preferance.
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Default Re: Why IO over OB?

Originally Posted by dave911
Seems like most performance boaters choose V-8 sterndrives over outboard power. Not really sure why? Yeah, a V-8 rumble is nice, but it seems outboards are lighter and faster with same horsepwer; plus they have a greater trim range, and free up cockpit room. Price, fuel economy, durability? Opinions? I'm trying to figure out configuration of my next 26 - 30 footer....
The same reason Harleys are much more popular than rice burners.
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Default Re: Why IO over OB?

I have always owned I.O.'s In my humble opinion, when you get past all the pro's and cons of one vs the other, it comes down to looks, which is what steers you one way or another. I personally like everything tucked away. It gives the boat a more streamline look. Some like to show it all. But, for me, there is something about having that big block, or two, down below,roaring to life, at your favorite marina, that gives me wood every time. Its my replacement for my high school years with my old hot rods, and girl friends. Except now, they get in with bikinis on.... Just dont tell my wife.
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Default Re: Why IO over OB?

For me... It's saltwater vs. freshwater...

If I lived on the ocean, I would have outboards. Since I live inland, I like the look and sound of an IO.
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Default Re: Why IO over OB?

Just went from a 2001 26' Daytona with a 575 SCi/XR to a 2005 26' Daytrona with twin wackers(300X's). We do alot of cruising at speed(65+) for extended periods and having the ability to cruise at 80mph only turning 5k on the o/b's was a strong selling point. Plus, I was getting tired of seeing the back end of the o/b boats. I do miss the rumble of the i/o's, but the 111mph vs. the 89mph helps me forget. Go wackers!
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Default Re: Why IO over OB?

What about the handling aspects?

Outboard boats "drive" differently - more specific to lightweight boats.

CG on a light outboard boat acts like a fulcrum to roll the boat over. Not much of an issue on a 40 Midnight Express, but on a 28 Skater(unless they are F1 engines) the high CG is gonna have a negative effect.
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Default Re: Why IO over OB?

The more I work on my I/Os ...the more I like eggbeaters. I too, started out with an OB and with any luck will wind up with a couple.
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Default Re: Why IO over OB?

I just stepped over to the darkside Just bought a CC with 250 Mercs. 1st Service 20hours $164-00 next service 100hours. Turn the key & go, easy maintenance & I am seeing 69mph on GPS with a full load 250 Gals fuel & 6 people. Had the opportunity to run it hard in some real nasty water & the OB's don't miss a beat. Fuel consumption, not that bad at cruise low50's , but at full throttle they tend burn a little. My 250 EFI's are also considered gas hogs. As to all the weight at the back, I carry 275 gal. of gas 15 gals water & everyone rides in the back, the ride is awesome. I would find it hard go back to being a Bilge Monkey. I love the noise the BB make, however it's nice to hold a conversation while running.
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