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LOTO Boat Wreck......6/17/05

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Default Re: LOTO Boat Wreck......6/17/05

last weeks poker run was not sponsored by the loto powerboat club, it was ran by Frankie and Louis powerboat club. It will be mandatory on our runs. We will be wearing lifejackets on the Nortechs at loto. We'll set the example, how about everyone else jump on board and wear their pfd's and lets do make it routine just like seat belts in a car. Lets all start today. thanks Jim everyone be safe and enjoy themselves, just keep your mind right and use common sense.
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Default Re: LOTO Boat Wreck......6/17/05

I agree, not only will it possibly help save a life, it will also save time and money for those poor divers that are called out to search.

Magazines and especially boat manufacturers could help by having the drivers and passengers wear PFD's in the photo's they print, especially when the story talks about high speeds. I sent a letter to Powerboat magazine about that once, they had a BS answer.
I think I will suggest that in the new boat sponsored forums

As early stated God Bless the people affected in this accident, and have a safe weekend.
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Default Re: LOTO Boat Wreck......6/17/05

Last year, I bought the New York City Poker Run video and also looked at a ton of pictures posted here. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone wearing a PFD. Here on the Great Lakes, I'm often out alone in my boat and virtually alone on the lake when it's rough. I'm sure I look like a dork, but I never leave the dock without my PFD. If it's rough or I'm going to go fast, I attach the lanyards. What happened at LOTO certainly is a tragedy. It's getting very hard to obtain insurance at any price. With a clean driving and boating record, it still is costing me $4,000/year for a four month season and I'm grateful that I can get it. I've seen the Coast Guard statistics for the last few years on the Great Lakes. Roughly 85% of those that drown weren't wearing PFD's. Having stopped abruptly a few times in a race car you learn to swallow your pride and go for the best protection available so you get to play another day. For what it's worth...
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Default Re: LOTO Boat Wreck......6/17/05

ugh - up until last year I had Mustang flotation jacket, 1st pic - mold got to it, which was great when it wasn't 85 degress. I alway told myself that if my boat were faster or when got faster boat I'd get the harness style in pic 2 for every day use. even if knocked unconscious it'll auto inflate.

I think its well worth the cost to grab a couple now
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Chris G.

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Default Re: LOTO Boat Wreck......6/17/05

Still thinkin about this thing....

Lead by example.

Whether you are Capt. of your own boat or the owner/driver of a high profile noticed boat. For the most part those boats and owners do lead by example from what I see.
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Default Re: LOTO Boat Wreck......6/17/05

So sad
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Default Re: LOTO Boat Wreck......6/17/05

sad deal... words don't even describe the gut feelings you get when you see something like that happen... i won't repeat the whole PFD thing, we all know better, but most of us still don't wear them and i am just as guilty as anybody... and all the guys in FREEDOM US-1 did have their jackets on for the poker run, unfortunetly, they were the minority... on a weekend that we were celebrating big cats (speedracer, all the bacardi's, freedom us-1, among a whole host of other skaters, mti's, nor-techs) we were reminded how we must respect these things and the water... my prayers for the famalies involved...
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Default Re: LOTO Boat Wreck......6/17/05

My dad and I were just talking about this same thing. I have a 500.00 lifeline jacket that I bought just for the shoot out and haven't worn it since. Growing up with these boats and always running them hard we get complacent. My father and I work together on the boat and the last thing we want to see is on of us get hurt, let alone killed , I wouldn't be able to live with myself if anything happened to him because of something we built. This is probaly an issue we all need to address personaly our with our oganizations we belong to such as ours the Chicgo Powerboat Club. Everyone please be safe , we all know we aren't saine.
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Unhappy Re: LOTO Boat Wreck......6/17/05

Yesterday at the Royal Purple Poker run in NO, LA area we came upon a 36' Eliminator? that had just barrel rolled. All occupants were OK and the police were on the way. I can not believe no one was hurt. Weather was good, no wind/waves just boat wakes to deal with. We offered assistance but none was needed. Unbelievable to see the big boats we own in such a bind.
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Default Re: LOTO Boat Wreck......6/17/05

Originally Posted by wiggler4490
LIFEJACKETS-----I was just quoting what the 3 fire rescue divers said on the dock at Port Arrowhead marina as we watched the Spectre being pulled in by Mo. water patrol. We have recently formed our own LOTO Powerboat club, amd I hope we can promote safer boating thru our safety awareness programs and any club function will have mandatory pfd;s and there is a reason they have kill switches on a boat--- hook them up---Loto has gotten so rough and the waves are very unpredictable, we all must respect the limitations of our vessels and practice safety to preserve our boating pleasure.

Just wearing a jacket isn't good enough. The jacket must be able to roll your unconscious body over. Otherwise it just makes it easier for the patrol to recover your body. It should also have leg straps so it doesn't get pulled off in a high speed ejection. Vest is worthless if it's floating next to you.
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