Lake Travis Boat Accident

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Default Lake Travis Boat Accident

I had friend call me today & told me about a boat accident that happen on Lake Travis last Saturday. He was asking me if I knew anything about it. The first thing I said was did it happen after dark & he said yep. Here is link to story.

Boat Accident

Here is another story

Nighttime head-on collision leaves man in serious condition, two others hospitalized.

(enlarge photo)
By Jennifer Barrios


Monday, August 08, 2005

Authorities were searching Sunday for a woman who disappeared after the boat she was in collided head-on with another boat on Lake Travis.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden Turk Jones said the woman, who is in her mid- to upper 20s, was riding in a ski boat Saturday night with four other people when it ran into a 35-foot cabin boat about 9:45.

The collision knocked everyone on the ski boat unconscious.

The pilot was flown to Brackenridge Hospital with head injuries and is in serious condition, Jones said. Two others were still in the hospital Sunday with lesser injuries, and another passenger has been treated and released.

Authorities have not released the names of the victims.

No one on the boat was wearing a life jacket, Jones said. He said that the cabin boat was moving slowly and that the ski boat was going quickly.

The four people on the cabin boat did not request medical assistance.

Authorities don't know what happened to the missing woman, who is from the Austin area. Jones said she could have been picked up by another boat, or she could have fallen off the boat and drowned.

Divers won't be used in the search until authorities can pinpoint the exact spot of the collision, which occurred on the lake's Sandy Creek Arm.

Jones said this is one of the worst wrecks on the lake in several years. Authorities recommend that boats go no faster than 20 mph at night and that boaters wear life jackets at all times.

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Default Re: Lake Travis Boat Accident

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Default Re: Lake Travis Boat Accident

Yes, these are friends of mine. Particularly the driver and his girlfriend. My girlfriend and I were talking to them at Carols & Charlies just before they left to go eat at Cafť Bleu. After getting there and ordering his dinner, the driver agreed to take four people back to C&C. Iím guessing, so they could see the concert that was going on. He left his girlfriend there to hold onto his dinner as he was going to be right back. He was moving at speed and struck the cruiser, port-side to port-side, on the bows. Everyone was knocked out and his boat continued on at speed with nobody at the wheel. Eventually, one of the girls came to, managed to reach the throttle, and put it into neutral before passing out again. The boat then drifted until it came across a private dock where there happened to be people hanging out. They saw all the damage and carnage and called the cops. The cruiser only saw a small boat approch, hit and leave. So, they took it as a hit-n-run and kept going. Thatís why nobodyís sure where the accident actually occurred. Nobody on the cruiser took note because they didnít know the severity of the situation. Unfortunately, Heather Strother apparently fell out at that point and has probably drowned. Nobodyís heard from her. Doubly tragic, her fiance was in the boat as well. He was released from the hospital today. Obviously, weíre all hoping she was picked up by someone else that night, but, itís extremely unlikely. The driverís in ICU with severe head injuries. From the details I know, I get the gut feeling heís going to pull through. However, the hospital is still saying itís 50/50. It's going to be tough on him when he hears about Heather. There are lots of crazy rumors going around, but this is really all there is to it. Iíve seen Heatherís name in print about this already so Iíve mentioned her by name. Until I see everyone elseís name in print, Iíve decided not to mention them. As a boat owner in a tight social community like Devil's Cove, this really strikes close to home and to the heart.

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Default Re: Lake Travis Boat Accident

Sorry about your loss man.
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Default Re: Lake Travis Boat Accident

So sad!

We spend a lot of time slow-cruising in my slow-boat, (26' Trojan Flybridge) in Clear Lake at night. Lot's of collisions there after dark. One thing I do is: I turn all my cabin lights on, and open the curtains. It makes for a big, well-lit obstacle instead of relying on nav lights alone. Also I carry a handheld Q-Beam on the bridge with me. When I see a boat approaching, (that doesn't appear to see me), I cross him with the Q-Beam to get his attention. Always works...

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Default Update: Lake Travis Boat Accident

Good move with the cabin lights. Someone mentioned this yesterday. As in, how Ryan could have missed seeing such a big boat because they're always so lit up. I've considered putting hull illuminating lights below my rubstrip. I'm out at night a lot and my boat is just weird with the stern light right behind the cockpit and the bow light way out there on the nose. People say it doesn't register that there's a lot of boat behind the stern light, coming at me broadside.

Having to face the fact Heather's gone. Just a recovery job now. I used to live in Idaho. One day "Mountain Rescue" pulled onto Lake Travis Marina as I left. I asked them why they brought a work boat down for vacation. They said they were there to search for a boy with their special equipment. Very sad, indeed. The article below touches on Heather's appearance. We get a lot of attractive girls on the lake. At nearly 6' tall, she would steal all the attention.

I've noticed a particular picture being passed around so I feel comfortable posting it here. It's one thing to read about a tragic accident, but to see the once happy smiling people in a picture really helps bring things home. Ryan's the guy, his girlfriend is on the left, friend in the middle, Heather on the right.

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Default Re: Lake Travis Boat Accident

Very sad.
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Default Re: Lake Travis Boat Accident

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Default Re: Lake Travis Boat Accident

So sad. I'm sory to hear about this.
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Default Re: Lake Travis Boat Accident

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