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New Orleans mess...I gotta vent !!!

Old 09-02-2005, 02:43 PM
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Default New Orleans mess...I gotta vent !!!

First let me say that my heart and prayers go out to the people up there. This is for the people who are sitting on their azzes and looting TV's etc. , stirring up shizit in the shelters and compaining no one has helped them !!!

I have been through storms before, not as bad as Katrina but here's my point. When we have storms, I don't stand out and ***** that no one is helping me. I go and start cleaning up, repairing to keep my family safe. I don't wait for someone to come and do the work for me. In other words YOU DO THE BEST WITH WHAT YOU HAVE AND YOU SURVIVE !!!!

If I was up in NO, I would not be sitting at the dome complaining there is no where to go, wheres my food etc....

I would be out securing a shelter for my family with the debree that is laying around. I would be collecting rain water, dew, etc... for my family to drink until water was available. The food situation I would have to deal with until I found the solution, but catch fish , etc... It's called survival !!!

Don't get me wrong, this is not for all the victoms of the storm. This was intended for the capable people that are just too damnnn lazy to go out and do the best with what you have !!!

Start the clean up, build temp shelters. Do what ever you have to do to survive but don't just sit there and ***** cause you don't have any bon bons to eat in front of your TV while you wait for your welfare check !!!

Alot of these people are more than capable to help others and start the rebuild process instead of stealing TV's and starting violence, rape and murder. The good people of this City and others need to get rid of these maggots once and for all, show them they are not going to take it, then go on tho rebuild a City stronger than ever with a community that is stronger and has a bigger bond with each other than before !!! Dave

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Default Re: New Orleans mess...I gotta vent !!!

there was a bit on the news last night! five strangers were thown togeter by the storm on the no waterfront area. they were working to gether as a team each had some type of skill and used it for the welfare of the group. they are hunkered down avoiding the armed idiots and will be fine for days to come. they are thinking thier way through this and it is working very well. they were NOT complaiing or screaming that the govmnt owes them any thing they are taking matters into thier own hands and haven't robbed or looted anything! they were actually joking and kidding around with the reporters instead or try to steal supplies from the reports as some folks i won't mention would have.
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Default Re: New Orleans mess...I gotta vent !!!

Dave, I agree. What I feel is a real travesty is the way the media is fueling this. Why doesn't the media let people know that help IS on it's way?????????? Instead they just keep "stirring" the pot!!!!

A lady last night was asking why other citizens weren't getting in there cars and coming down to the rescue!!!!! Why didn't the news reporter inform her that was next to impossible with the infrastructure in shambles? Why not, because that's not sensational enough. It's a shame.

Just look at this Forum. The help is overwhelming. Why doesn't the media report of the positive happenings in this country????? The outpouring of help is INCREDIBLE. The logistics are just making it very difficult to deliver the aid.

Like you I am not minimizing the tragic disaster that has taken place in the Gulf. I just feel it inappropriate that the medias coverage still places such high value on sensationalism.

God Bless all those in the Gulf
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Default Re: New Orleans mess...I gotta vent !!!

I have to say they can blame this mess on the Mayor of New Orleans. He is the one that decided it would be a good idea to send 25000 people to the Superdome. Most of them were probably just looking for a free meal anyway. So now he's on the news complaining that it's been 4 days and no one has come to their rescue. Well, they were trying but they got shot at. Bring the free meal another 30 miles inland and this problem would have never happened. On another note, didn't anyone think about "what if" the levy breaks and have a plan for that? My heart goes out to those who did not have the health or means to leave when they were asked to and are just stuck in an unforseen situation.
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Default Re: New Orleans mess...I gotta vent !!!

What you are seeing in New Orleans is a ticking time bomb in every major city in the US, How can you blame people when all they know is that the Government will be there to handle all there problems you are seeing the failed results of years of failed government programs these people know no other way because that is what they are brain wash into believing in another words YEARS OF FAILED LIBERAL DO GOOD PROGRAMS Plain and simple.
“He who is unaware of his ignorance will be only misled by his knowledge.”

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Default Re: New Orleans mess...I gotta vent !!!

So, the 70 year old lady that was evacuated to the dome deserves to die from dehydration cause it took 4 days to get water there? What about the lady that's 8 months pregnant? What about the 2 year old kid that doesn't know where his family is? Yeah you're right, even the people that did do the right thing and evacuate should all be left to die at the dome.

I agree that there are a lot of POS people that stayed behind. It should be zero tolerence for the looters, murderes, rapists, etc.

But to condemn the people that tried to do the right thing is ridiculous.

I blame the Local, State and Federal Gov't for this. Where was the leadership? 4 days to get water to the dome? WTF?
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Default Re: New Orleans mess...I gotta vent !!!

When you pay taxes your whole life for the programs like fema and the military than they should be used to help americans FIRST. I can't believe that 5 days later ( after a planned huricane landing) that americans are still laying dead in the streets. I'm ashamed of the goverments response time.
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Default Re: New Orleans mess...I gotta vent !!!

NoBoat - You have misread my post. The elderly, chidren and sick are the ones that NEED the help !!! Not some of the azzholes that I am seeing kicking back and complaining, looting, etc.... A true human being HELPS each other. This was not a thread to bash honest good people. I am pissed with the way some of the lazy azzholes are complaining and sitting on there azzes when they could be helping the ones in need !!!! When we have storms, we pull together and help each other !!!! We don't go out and loot, rape, murder people !!! Dave
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Default Re: New Orleans mess...I gotta vent !!!

I've been infuriated all day about the looters WTF are they doing grabbing electronic equipment when there's NO freaking power?!?!?!?!?! Cops have to hide at night because of crazies running around shooting, stealing, killing, etc

A radio talk show today made a good point, "you'll see the best and worst of people right at ground zero!" It is unbelievable to see/hear of the people helping being attacked and other crude acts. And alot of this is what's probably being broad casted to the rest of the world?!
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Default Re: New Orleans mess...I gotta vent !!!

Over the past few days, this has sunken to a deeper and deeper disaster.

Dave, I've always respected and enjoyed your posts. I agree with you entirely on this one, as well.
In another thread, I posted on a few days ago, I said that IF I were put in the same situation, I'm not sure how I'd react. Would I break into a general store, "loot" some batteries, a radio, a flashlight, food/water, some rope, clothes, a good pair of shoes, inflatable raft, probably a gun/ammo, and a hatchet as well... Damn straight I would.
And I would take all that and stuff it in 2 back-packs (also "looted"), and me and my wife would start walking our azzes North.

The people that are stealing TV's, and other expensive electronic goods are expecting, as pointed out, that the Gov't will fix this really quick, and they will be able to sell the goods and make some$$ for themselves. I wonder if they actually want to be rescued - they haven't put together enough of a stock-pile of these goods yet, and they need to stay and protect them (the goods). They haven't realized the magnitude of what has happened. Or, how long it will be before N.O. is rebuilt - my guess is NEVER.

Bajabob - wHether it's the Liberal thing or not, I could care less.
But I agree, it is a problem that stems from the Gov't, and the "feel good" programs we have out there that "take care of" these people for generations, and now that is all they know. The Gov't is "there" to take care of them - if they are hungry in anyway, suckle at the breast of the Gov't.
But, in another thread, Phucknlawyer put it very well, if it wasn't for those programs (welfare, foodstamps, etc.), this type of anarchy would be everyday life in every major city.

Phucknlawyer - I hope I didn't take you out of context in that statement, and feel free to correct me if I did.
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