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Spray Welding

Old 10-05-2005, 12:49 PM
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Default Spray Welding

Does anyone know who does this?
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Old 10-05-2005, 05:20 PM
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Default Re: Spray Welding

Most electric motor shops will spray or metalize shafts & thurn them down. That is what you are after isn't it?
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Default Re: Spray Welding


In addition to what Jason stated, look for companies
performing "thermal coatings", "plasma spray" and
"wire spray". Those are some common names for
the process.

It works by melting the media (wire or powder) which
makes it a plasma and then re-depositing it onto the surface
to be coated. It does not heat the part up like normal welding
or cause problems with embrittlement such as platings. The
build-up can also be reasonably thick to allow for re-machining.

The only caution is you must find a product that meets
your requirements for wear resistance, corrosion,
hardness, etc..etc.

Good luck.
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Old 10-05-2005, 07:01 PM
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Default Re: Spray Welding

There is a place in Brooksville Florida that does i called Bryner Machine. They actually got into when they were asked to buils a few of the machines for another company and they wound up building one for themselves. Pretty cool stuff.
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Default Re: Spray Welding

Isn't that what we did on my Oddysey gas tank?
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Default Re: Spray Welding

I found that it works on light duty applications but it will peel off under heavy duty loads.

I know of a few places around Chicago that does that type of work.
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Default Re: Spray Welding

What are you looking to coat?
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Old 10-06-2005, 12:52 AM
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Default Re: Spray Welding

What did you break now, Greg?!
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Default Re: Spray Welding

found that it works on light duty applications but it will peel off under heavy duty loads.
Then the bonding surface wasn't preped right, dirty, or the area to be sprayed wasn't machined deep enough.
My dads machine shop used to build spray equipment for METCO, a company that was in Westbury, Long Island. We also bought several spray booths and guns so we could do our own work. Some of the jobs we did were rollers for news paper printing presses. These rollers were 16' long and 4' in diameter, solid steel, weighed in around 3600 lbs. We sprayed the bearing surfaces and applied a special coating to the surfaces that contacted the paper.
We also sprayed the interior of giant pump housings for EXXON Corp.. The housing was wine glass shaped, about 6' in diameter and 5' tall. These pumps moved some sort of abrasive slurry that ate the insides out of the pumps. Our coating application alowed them to double the life span and repair the worn housings.
We did many, many smaller shafts and a couple automotive crankshafts. We even sprayed an aluminum hard coat to the inside of aluminum alarm bells where the striker hit the bell.
I never heard of one delaminating during the 4 years I worked there.
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Default Re: Spray Welding

Additional seaches you may perform will be arc spray, flame spray or DOD-STD-2138 SH is the military name for sprayed metals. Generally these coatings are used to repair or enhance existing materials. Apply aluminum onto a cheap and strong milds steel surface 8-10 mils of aluminum for instance for corrosion protection. Concrete statue may be coated with bronze or coper and after weathering look like a metal work of art. Navy uses this process under 2138 for corrosion protection. Many times surfaces such as shafts are built up with steel and other alloys. Do not confuse this with structural repair - If you have a hole in you BB 540 arc spray will not be the way to fix this. Flame, HVOF or Plasma are generally used on small parts,10 sq/ft or less, arc spray is used to coat large surfaces including thousands of sq/ft
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