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Dude it sucks. Twice I thought that I found "the one" Twice I guess I was wrong. I keep bussy and do not try and fight the thoughts about her. You do not want to rush into another chick right away as you have to deal with your feelings first. Hang in there bro you will get better every day and eventually be ready to move on!!!

Put your best foot forward!
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I totally agree with Audio......rebound chicks/sex just DOESN't work.... . Only time works. Been there more times than I care to admit. . I know it really hurts now....but one day you'll wake up and...poof...she doen't occupy your every waking thought. At that point, it gets better every day...

Chin up's all uphill from here.
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Originally posted by supercrash:
<STRONG>Just jerk off and go to bed ya wimp!! </STRONG>
Once more.....whatta an ass!!!!!!!!
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Jim G
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From a different perspective (I too have been around this block a few times)...if you felt some form of immediate relief (mentally) when it ended, the right thing happened. If not, then ??

Also, maybe what was lost was not the girl; rather, it was "hope" for a future. Now, that hope is gone at least for now. Kinda philosophical, I know, but in this perspective, it is easier to sort thru it. Good luck.
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Sorry Liquid Asset and Gasm...Dont go back and get her and dont try to get over her with another girl...Its not a bad thing that you hold on to memories, that is what they are there are the person you are because of the experiences that you have had...just because you are not together isnt a bad said it yourself Trav, you did what was best(for both of you)...try and stay focused on what is important to you at the moment...and if she is the one there will be a better time...hang in there...its tough, but in the end it will be worth it...or so I am told
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been doing the same thing for a year and a half, so I would not be much help, just hang in there and hope that you do not hurt as bad.

Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved!!
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When I went thru my divorce many years ago, I was absolutely devistated. Some old man in the bar told me the only advice he could give me was to keep the beer cold and the music loud. It was poor advice, after spending three years without drawing a sober breath, things hadn't gotten any better.

All I know is that it takes time, lots of time. Little by little, the thoughts of her will consume less and less of your life. AFter about the fourth year, I was pretty much good. I still miss her and would marry her again tomorrow, but that is another story.
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How much does all this counseling cost?

Are you still chasing your dreams? That should be something to look forward to! This must be the start of the new generation that men can express their emotions.

The old days we used the 4F approuch
1)find them
2) feel them
3)f^$k them
4)FORGET them!!!

Nothing wrong with rebound Sex!
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wow thanks everybody... I was really down last night when I posted this.. I am doing great today, have a few projects to finish today and get my hair cut, so I look good for the new girl. I guess it just takes time. We'll see how it goes.

Flylevel.... rebound sex

Thanks again everyone... this place is great

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Hmmm...always funny how the light of day makes the night before seem less important and distant, huh? But, it's going to turn into night time again and you'll be back to where you were last night. Just remember that things aren't always as bad and bleak as you might think it is.
Stay focused on your immediate short term goals. Write them down and tape them somewhere you can see them. Stay busy! That's the absolute best cure for getting over somebody. If you don't have idle time you don't have time to dwell on missing the young lady.
I personally don't think that running out and bangin' some new chick (sorry for the crude language)is a solution...certainly not in these times. I know that's not a "guy thing" to say, but I just don't think it's an answer to your problem. Might just add to it so why bother?
Time will pass and hurt will fade. Just stay focused and stay busy. And we're always here for you if you need anything!

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