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cant beat a deal like this

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Default Re: cant beat a deal like this

Well those certainly aren't parts with 49 hours are they? It would appear the original motors were kept when traded in probably for the next boat and these tired motors put in to trade it. Assuming the original owner did the swap to trade it in, Cumberland should still realize 600sc's have been discontinued a long time.
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Default Re: cant beat a deal like this

first thing is you should not taking the motors apart you should of left everything alone and drove 1900 mi and let them (LCM) fix you boat. now you have a problem because you took them apart and they can say that these are not the parts that came off the motors. It looks like now you have a bigger problem.

just my 2 cents

Rick OSG
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Default Re: cant beat a deal like this

i have witnesses as well as photo documentation. i made sure to cover myself on that end.
i just want it over!!!
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Default Re: cant beat a deal like this


Several years ago I had a major problem with a boat builder out of AZ. I live in MI. After many weeks of dealing with lawyers they agreed to take the boat back at their cost.

That's when I thought things were going to be done right. After about 2months they called and said the boat was ready and all issues in their opinion were resolved. I flew to AZ to check the boat out before they shipped it back to MI. Well let's just say that their idea of items being fixed right and my idea of item being fixed right on a $180,000.00 boat are not the same. The point that I'm trying to make is, even if you send the boat back and they agree to fix it, make sure that they document all the work that they did. Get part#'s, and have them give you all the parts back that they replace. If possible try to mark the parts you want replaced. Not to say they would do this but I've seen people get parts back that they thought were there's and they were off another motor.

Good Luck I feel for you because I've been through it myself.
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Default Re: cant beat a deal like this

This is a shame..... I have to say I see both sides here, but I sense there will no resolution until cooler heads prevail and some communication and assurances occur

I hope the issue is solved properly
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Default Re: cant beat a deal like this

Thereīs a Sucker born every minute the old saying goes....this will surely happen all over again.
If not then Iīm really surprised.

Seems that there isnīt profit to be made not even in US within highperf powerboats?
Canīt actually believe it.
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Default Re: cant beat a deal like this

I happen to work as a Truck operator and a collegue actually just recently fetched a 2003 model boat as a warranty from Norway ( a weeks trip driving thru 2 countries ) and delivered a brand new 2006 model for the owner.
Twice the Boatbuilder tried to fix the leak the boat had without hesitation but finally the Company said the Customer should get a new boat instead of the refund the owner wanted.
The 2003 was scrapped.
Has Anyone had any issues with Nor-Tech...theyīre form Norway originally or Nordic?

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Default Re: cant beat a deal like this

Originally Posted by f311fr1
And some people wonder why used car and boat dealers have a bad name. The boat should have been surveyed and sea trialed. That mistake is on the customer. The pic of an hour meter with 49 hours is the type of thing National Marine was and did do. We all saw what happened to them. Is LCM next in line for the big fall into oblivion? Joe Murray

Name the reputable dealers then..seems there isnīt many...
Or is it just that you go and buy a boat from a Company like Saber then rig it yourself ?
I Guess Iīd be fulltime occupied in US?
Or bankrupt as I Try to make things perfect and my schedules turn south
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Default Re: cant beat a deal like this

Originally Posted by Catagory5
It is unfortunate that every boat builder and dealer has to deal with these issues all the time.

As I see want your boat fixed...... They offered to fix it....... You have declined to have them fix it.................. Your on your own!!.

I think it absolutely unreasonable to think any dealer is just gonna write checks to have motors fixed that their mechanics said checked out fine without at least the opportunity to see the motors for themselves. Even more unreasonable is it to think a dealer that has a full service shop with many capable techs on payroll would pay retail shop rate and retail parts price for someone to fix it locally. I'm sorry to say this all smacks of an unreasonable customer.

Let me ask you this. If and when your motors let go again and you've "lost trust" in the guy that's doing your motors now is he going to be on the hook to pay someone else to do the work?

I have seen customers that wanted to turn a stress crack into a new custom paint job, and i have PERSONALLY had customers ask me to do that crap with warranty and insurance work. Tell them it 10 times worse than it is and it will cover all the custom work they want done.

I'm not in any way saying that is what is happening here but it does happen ALL the time. NO business in their right mind will just write checks to whoever claims they have an issue or makes a fuss on a website. I don't understand why otherwise reasonable people become unreasonable when it becomes THEIR issue.

Unfortunately plumbers, roofers, stock brokers, car salesmen, checkers at Walmart etc don't have a website to be smeared on.

You got that right.
I wonīt write any checks to anyone if itīs something done by me.
Even the warranties on whatever the product states the shipment for the product is up to the Customer.
Hopefully everyone understands this from the sellers point.

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Default Re: cant beat a deal like this

Originally Posted by MILD THUNDER
Another thought;

If the problems are actually the motors, what if the new owner pulled the engines, and crated them, and ship them back to LCM for repair? Seems reasonable on both ends.
YUP that would probably be the best scenario here....PULL the motors and freight them back to LCM to repair. both of you could split the shipping or you pay one way LCM pays the return freight back to you. You couls find a local shop to pull the motors and negotiate with LCM on that money as well. Buying ANYTHING used from 1900 miles away always poses a risk factor if something goes wrong. A question that should have been asked by the buyer UP FRONT to LCM in advance as well as thoroughly going over the boat inside and out plus a water trial. You could have also hired a local mechanic near LCM to check the motor before the purchase. If LCM advertised the boat motors with 49 hours they should be restored to the 49 hour mark for wear and useage. ALSO the fact they were taken apart does create another problem as stated above. SHIPPING them back would have been the better idea. It does not cost that much to do.
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