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Towing a 40ft boat

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Default Re: Towing a 40ft boat

Originally Posted by u4ea32
Dually: really a lot more stable and safer, for you and the others on the road.

Never think that a trailer has anything like the reliability of your truck. They are just waiting to break down.

Be certain that the weight is equally distributed on the trailer, especially when actually on the road where the crown makes the boat lean to starboard, so the right trailer wheels take more load: try to load the boat with more stuff to port. If the trailer is not very level (measure it), then the forward or aft axle will take more load. Use a tape measure to precisely measure the distance from ground to trailer frame: low means heavy, high means light. Get it even, so the load is spread evenly.

Brakes: you can never have enough. Make certain they really work, and they do not drag. If one brake drags, it will heat that hub, and you'll blow that bearing over and over and over. Discs are more susceptable to dragging. Drums are more likely to fail, causing the remaining ones to do too much work and leading to overheating the hub and blowing the bearings.

Bearings: Make sure YOU know how to service them, and that you HAVE WITH YOU all the tools, the grease, the bearings, seals, caps, spare washers, nuts, and cotter pins, as well as jack(s) and jack stands, and gloves and plastic bags and de-greaser so you can replace the bearings if the blow up on the road.

Tires: Make sure your tires are new. More than 2 years and you are lucky if you make it.

INSPECT! Stop frequently and check all your hubs for heat, and all your chains and electrical connections. Stop after 1/4 mile, 2 miles, 5 miles, 10 miles, 20 miles, and never more than every 60 miles thereafter. As soon as you see grease coming from a hub (check inside and outside the wheel), you must lube that axle THEN AND THERE. Watch carefully for the hubs getting hot, and especially for any one hub getting hot. That is the only warnign you will get before failure.

yo ***** you covered it $hit as many road horror stories as i have had you only missed 1 thing 60 mph....max.......m.m.......cant have enough straps.........mark...
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Default Re: Towing a 40ft boat

Another tuff guy from Jersey....
Good info for being cautious u4ea32...thanks for the input.
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Default Re: Towing a 40ft boat

NO BOX TUBE trailers in salt water. Lift it in.
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Default Re: Towing a 40ft boat

I've towed my Fountain with both of my trucks and saw none of the sway that everyone said would plague me with my SRW F-350. It even has a 6'' lift and 36x18's. The only thing I did notice was a little more up and down movement over bridges, but considering that the dually has almost twice the springs in the rear that understandable...
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Default Re: Towing a 40ft boat

Originally Posted by el indio
time for a little humor!!!!!!!!!..even if its mine............
look in the mirror !! ...........d....b...
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Default Re: Towing a 40ft boat

I should have given credit where credit is do, it was Mr.Cig that told me he used the weight dist. bars and would not tow without them. Thanks Mark, worked out great.

Yeap carry plenty of spars and know how to rebuild the whole hub. So that's why my left side tires are always going first, I don't ride in the right lane

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Default Re: Towing a 40ft boat

Two more importnat things, Mst boat trailers work great with 5% to 7% tongue weight. Less than 3% or more than 10% can cause sway. Also make sure that the trailer is level when on the tow vehicle, it is amazing how much tongue weight can vary when the trailer is not level.

And as has been mentioned early take your time getting there.
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