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Why Baja 272/275 or comparable?

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Default Why Baja 272/275 or comparable?

When starting my recent bout of 2 footitus about a month ago, I have since probably put in 80-100 hours into researching boats I am looking for. With everyone's responses on this forum educating me to the industry, I probably saved about 200 hours of research and test drives. That said, in my previous post about the Baja 232/252 search many of you suggested that I look at the 272/275 or comparable 27 foot boat for the better ride. I take your suggestions seriously.
Being a pragmatist, I have to be sure the bigger boat will work for me.

Answer these for me to see if 8 footitus will work!

Money - I don't think will be an issue. Year or 2 older than the 232 comes in at the same price. Agree?

Weight: With my Bayliner, you could blow on it, and it will move. As much as I hate the ride, I like the nimbleness for docking/tying down/ect. Having experience with bigger boats in my past life, anything above 30' with twin screws are like tanks to move around by hand. Where does the 272 lie. More nimble or more tank?

Engine: Will the 454 Magnum, or the 496 MAG (both baseline for the 272/275 be enough, or should I require 502 magnum or 496 HO? Gas mileage difference compared to a 232 same engine? What will it hit at WOTwith the big guns?

Watersports: I know it can be done, but is it still fun? Worried about the deadrise/weight wake cave blowng out the back, torque issues to pull skiers up, and general heavy weight for flexibility.

Towing: I boat alone about 20% of the time, and I do what I would call a "lazy/smart man's" launch. I back down the ramp about 1 inch away from the dock, unstrapping everything at the top of the ramp, so when down to the water, I can just take my dock lines and again pull the boat and tie it off to the dock. I figured I can do the same with a 232, but what about a 272? Is the size going to require me to either A) get wet getting onto the boat to start the engine or B) bring a helper?

Ride: I know going from a 20' Bay to a 232 made a big difference. Will it be substaintially better from a 232 type to a 272 type? I have to tell you, ride aside, it appeals to me to have a 232 with a 502/HO type engine because it will be a small nimble rocket. I am afraid the 272 beacuse of sheer size will bring me into yach style cruising. Opinions?

Thanks for the help as always!

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Default Re: Why Baja 272/275 or comparable?

Just buy the most boat you can afford. I myself worked my way up from a a 21 foot Switzer, to a 24 BAJA H2X, to 1998 Base model 29 Outlaw, to a Loaded 2002 29 Outlaw, and currently I'm looking for a 35 to 38 Fountain/Formula/Cig. Having a small fast boat makes a lot of sense until you get in 2-4ft. chop. I boat on a freshwater lake and it turns up in a blink of an eye. In boating nothing beats the length of a boat for a comfortable ride. Your family will Thank You. Reading your above and past thread would you ever consider a larger older boat, perhaps a 1990-1995. You may be able to get into something a bit larger for the same money. Sure you won't be the fastest thing on the lake but you'll have the nicest ride Just my .02 Good luck shopping.
Ough yeah, don't strap your self $$$ to buy a boat. It really takes the enjoyment out of a day on the water. Your alway stressed that somethings going to get scratched, banged, ripped, etc. etc.

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Default Re: Why Baja 272/275 or comparable?

the 272 is a light boat. i can be moved around, of course your bayliner will be much easier to move around but it can be done. the 272 with a 502 will run i would say 65-67 gps depending on water and fuel. luanching alone is hard to do in any boat. again it can be done but the bigger the harder. as for ride i feel (just my 2 cents) the 272 is a small 27 just from look its not any bigger then the 25 outlaw. the 272 will give you a nice ride and wont feel to big. hope that helps.
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Default Re: Why Baja 272/275 or comparable?

I second everything Yesrej said. He's right on with the speeds and stuff. I owned a 232 for years, and it was a great boat, but the 272 does ride better. Enough that you can tell. I wish i'd just gone big right outa the hole tho, everybody is giving you smart advice. Start big, and then you don't have to upgrade every couple years. Just don't try a 29 outlaw, they ride 10 times better than the 272...... Then you'll want THAT!

then a 33


where does it stop?
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Default Re: Why Baja 272/275 or comparable?

A 25'-27' boat is still well within the realm of being "easy to use", in regards to trailering, launching, docking, and moving around by hand. I did it all the time alone in my 25'OL, which in reality is heavier and slightly larger than the 272, believe it or not. Once you're used to it, you will have no problems handling the boat alone, it is quite simple to manevuer and dock.

There will be a fairly substantial difference in ride and handling between a 232 and 272, but by no means would I consider it a "yacht cruiser." The 272 is plenty nimble and responsive.

Their cabins are totally different, too, I think the wife would appreciate the easier entry and larger space.

I can't stress enough, go as big as you can handle comfortably, you won't regret it.
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Default Re: Why Baja 272/275 or comparable?

I handle everything on my 311 Formula myself without any problems at all.

And with twin counter-rotating props, you can basically parallel park the boat.
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Default Re: Why Baja 272/275 or comparable?

Whatever boat you get get K-planes. You can never go wrong with big factory horsepower. Size matters.
What do you tow with?
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Default Re: Why Baja 272/275 or comparable?

We had a 272 many years ago. It is a easy boat to handle, trailer, and launch. Ours had a 502 and it ran 65mph. This is a very comfortable boat and handled well.

With any boat, get as much power as you can afford.

Good luck.
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Default Re: Why Baja 272/275 or comparable?

I appreciate all the responses.

I agree with you on the $ thing. What I really like about the Bayliner is that I don't care about scratches, dings, ect. That doesn't mean I am not careful, it just means I not having a heart attack trying to dock the boat in 15 knot winds. If I hit the dock, I hit the dock, so be it. That being said, when I started this research, I was looking only at newer. Aside from being expensive, I just don't want to start worrying about those things. If I find a great deal on a newer model, great. But I would think I would probably go older (1997-2000) just so this does not become an issue.

Acura MDX (4500lbs limit). I am going to drystore the boat in a lot adjacent to the launch ramp. Towing will be about 200' plus the launch. I have read about K planes, What are they? Aren't they just dual ram trim tabs instead of single?

You guys are selling me on the 27', not because I want it today, I think the 232 would be perfect. But since I am only 2 years into my current boat looking to upgrade, this might be a way top actually keep a boat for maybe 5-6 years!

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