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How many miss the old/new oso????

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Originally Posted by Chris Sunkin View Post
It took you all of three posts to trample on one of Freeze Frame's threads when you knew you weren't to do that. You did it deliberately so you could run back here and cry. I have to tell you, dealing with your childish behavior over the last year and a half has been one of the most trying experiences of my life.

I thought your screaming temper tantrum at our party in Miami was out of the ordinary. I chalked it up to a guy having a long day. I was gracious in accepting your apology. But you immediately went back to your old ways. Some never learn.
Well Chris,
I made myself very clear to your Assistant when he asked several times for me to return to posting on your Forum.
"Any Forum that wants to keep me from posting in certain places or threads even when they are social posts and responding to other members, I have no interest in contributing to their forums."
I posted very respectively so I would not say I trampled on it...

Just a sample of one of my Quotes
Originally Posted by Sharkey-Images
That 1st pic is of the old Fountain Worldwide. Not sure if it's running under the same name this year? The hardware on the back of that can haul the freight !!!

Thanks for sharing Jeff !

Why is it I am expected to follow different Rules than everyone else ?
Your Mods have been moving & deleting my posts for the last 18 months over there because i guess that they felt I was a threat to their buddy that throws them DVD's for free. I stuck it out as long as I could .
I can remember the day i was in the Board Room and how you stated that the SOS Forum was not for sale and could not be bought with DVD's. Well well now.... I guess it can be bought afterall.
You yourself came out and admitted you were allowing him to post his product all over the On The Dock Section while you had a Rule that all Advertising was limited to the Media Sections only.

Why do I remember about the Advertising Rule ?

Because when Dare Devil contacted me for an Avatar of his boat from Key West , when you saw it, you accused me of circumventing the Advertising Rules. Stating I was only allowed to Advertise in the Media Section.

You have a Rule pertaining to 800 pixels wide max for Pics but yet even today you allow the 1024 being posted On the Dock by Jeff... Oh but maybe if a Mod gets around to it, it will be moved into his Media section eventually...

I can go on but won't waste my time or others.

I left due to the treatment I was getting and had no idea about all of this other stuff you appear to be having troubles with.

If Jeff wants his own Forum let him take Alec's place. You two can be partners and he can call all the shots he wants.
I was told if I did not return than Jeff would have free reign to do what he wants on the Forum anyway.
So be it ! Enjoy !!!

As far as your party, your member Bobcat calls me out in the middle of a crowd basically telling me I shouldn't be there taking pics because you guys hired Jay to shoot the Party. Stating I had some set of balls showing up there 6 hours late after going to the Mystic OSO Party prior in which was a hired shoot for me. (Business comes 1st)

Would have been nice had someone told me ahead of time Jay was hired. I would have never taken the camera out. And yes it was a very long day. Perhaps next time keep the cat on a leash.

In closing, I do not need to post photos on Forums, but I will where I am treated equally and fairly without discrimination.

Cya !!!

Digital Photography & Video one BYTE at a time !

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Being as someone on your site keeps disabling my settings and cutting off Private Messaging, I will contact you here !

It confuses me why someone there is making their best effort to remove the Sharkey-Images logo in my Signatures and deleting Avatars but they insist on not making any attempt to remove my Banner Ad or Photos from your website which was requested a week ago.

I will ask you one more time to honor this last request:


Digital Photography & Video one BYTE at a time !
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