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Swimming pools and boats

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Default Re: Swimming pools and boats

Originally Posted by epeek
Sounds like my story.Wife had to have it,never uses
it. The kids use it at the begining of summer,then
get bored. I hate the [email protected] thing. Nothing but a
pain in the a$$. One more thing that I dont have time
to take care of.

Same here, I hate the thing, and wish I had a few truck loads of dirt to fill it back in. I don't use it, my wife NEVER uses it. My 9 year daughter on the other hand loves it. She can't get enough of the water. So for her to swim in it once or twice a week in the summer I'm stuck cleaning it, fixing broken parts, adding chemicals every week, back washing it, brushing it, etc. It's about 8 years old now and last year I had to replace the pump, the valves, the Barricuda cleaner, I had the tile cleaned with a bead blaster, had the concrete acid washed and of course that all added up to about 2500 dollars on top of all the regular maintenance. I should have built an in ground spa with a gazebo. Now that IMO would be a better investment.

Oh btw, I had a puppy drown in the pool last year. We had showed it how to get to the steps for about a week straight. I though it was good and could find it's way out if it fell in.... We came home late one night after going out and found him floating in it. Another reason why I hate the pool.

Put an extra 20k in your boat and forget the pool.
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Default Re: Swimming pools and boats

We had a pool at the last house, it was a major pain $3-$5k for heat, chemicals and cleaning! New house no pool, but did get a above ground hot tub, the community pool up the street if the kids want to swim and the neighbors have pools. I asked the family what they wanted, bigger boat or a pool, they all agreed BIGGER FASTER BOAT!
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Default Re: Swimming pools and boats

no f'n way i will ever have another pool or another wife one is as bad as the next
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Default Re: Swimming pools and boats

swimmin' pool and a boat?
sure.............. I got that!
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Default Re: Swimming pools and boats

Have a pool and a boat. The kids use the pool during the week, and we boat on the weekends. I get in the pool about 3 times a year. I hate it. I can't wait until the kids outgrow the pool so I can throw a 1/4 stick of dynamite in the pool.
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Default Re: Swimming pools and boats

I have -0- regrets of the pool !!! I have a salt water pool with a care taker system built into the floor, 420,000 btu heater which heats the spa in minutes, motorized jandy valves with a jandy control system I can call from anywhere and turn lights on, heat on or off. When the temps get down to about 36 degrees the pool automaticly turns itself on to keep pipes from freezing. Plus don't forget the added value to your house. Dave
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Default Re: Swimming pools and boats

If you put a pool in get an automatic pool cover and a Pool Frog. Cover will keep it clean, lower heating costs and extend chemical life. The Pool Frog automatically distributes the chemicals for you, have to change it out once a month takes 5 mins to do.
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Default Re: Swimming pools and boats

Have both and LOVE both. My kids swim in it all the time. It's really nice after a hot day of boating, to come back to the dock, jump in the pool to get cooled off, then it's back to cleaning up the boat. Wouldn't live in Fl. without 1!
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Default Re: Swimming pools and boats

We bought a new house this summer that already had a pool. I never wanted one, because I thought the time and $ spent maintaining the pool would eat into my boating. So, I'm a reluctant pool owner.
However, it has become more fun than I anticipated.......we've had some pretty cool pool parties when we're too tired (or hungover) to go to the lake , and the ladies always dress appropriately (very little) .
The way I look at it now is it's another option for having a good time with our friends. I would still rather be boating, of course.
Recommendations (echoed from above): bigger patio space with a tiki bar and hot tub/spa, and an auto cleaner.
Question for you guys with pool heaters (we don't have one).........
How much does it cost run it? Natural gas is getting very expensive here (middle TN).
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Default Re: Swimming pools and boats

Originally Posted by Wardey
Run the boat, come home, jump in the pool !!!! Dave

What he said. plus you can't get BWI in your pool,.... however you might get nekkid....jus' like de boat.!
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