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Missing owner of 38 Donzi

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Default Re: Missing owner of 38 Donzi

Originally Posted by rbr2328
Has anyone ever heard the story about the 41 Apache now known as Ghost Runner and the occupants found unconscious going in circles at sea.
bermuda triangle??? strange
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Default Re: Missing owner of 38 Donzi

Sometimes this board just amazes me...

Glad to see it wasnt one of the regulars here that was missing... I'm sure his family is grateful also...
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Default Re: Missing owner of 38 Donzi

I can't talk about it right now, it's being handled by the Postal Inspector. Those guys don't mess around!
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Default Re: Missing owner of 38 Donzi

The coast guard called off the search Sat. nite
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Default Re: Missing owner of 38 Donzi

Missing boater's family, friends continue search
By Jan Tuckwood

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Monday, January 16, 2006

Jim Trindade had been boating to the Bahamas since he was 5. He skippered boats there "hundreds and hundreds of times," his wife, Candace, said Sunday. "Always going the same way, the safest way. He knew those waters like the back of his hand."

Trindade, 54, vanished on his way home from Spanish Cay Thursday. The U.S. Coast Guard found his 38-foot Donzi idling in the water off St. Lucie County early Friday with no one aboard. On Saturday, the U.S. Coast Guard called off its search for Trindade.

But his family and friends kept looking Sunday, and they will circle the Bahamas and the coast with private planes and boats again today.

They have not given up hope, Candace Trindade said, because if anyone knows how to survive treacherous waters, it's Jim.

"He knows the ocean. He knows how to survive."

Trindade, an Atlantis developer who was raised in Lake Worth, has been an avid fisherman and a skilled diver his whole life.

"He's a man's man," his wife said. "He's strong and strong-willed."

Trindade's best friend of 30 years, Roger Gamblin, who is helping coordinate the private search, called Trindade "the most athletic person I've ever known in my life and the strongest swimmer I've ever seen. He's got feet that look like fins."

What's more, he was a water skiing champion, a kickboxing champion, and he could free-dive to 50 feet, Gamblin said.

On Thursday, Trindade was bringing a 38-foot Donzi owned by Gamblin home to Boynton Beach from the islands. Two friends Chris Gamblin, Roger's son, and Brian Pratts were following him in two other boats. The three stopped in Grand Cay for lunch and refueling, then they got back in their boats and passed by a landmark in the ocean near West End known to boaters as Memory Rock.

Trindade's Donzi got ahead of the other boats, and the 22-foot Angler that Pratts was piloting developed a mechanical problem. Chris Gamblin, in a 35-foot Donzi, stopped to help Pratts. They lost sight of Trindade.

They radioed Trindade to wait, that they had trouble and needed to stop. Trindade responded that he was going to idle awhile and wait for them to catch up, and if they didn't show up, then he would turn back and come get them.

That was their last clear communication, though Gamblin and Pratts thought they later heard a garbled broadcast on the radio. They thought it was Trindade calling the Coast Guard, but the Coast Guard never heard from him.

Pratts and Gamblin, both 22, were 38 miles east of Palm Beach. They figure Trindade was 6 miles away, probably 32 miles east of Palm Beach, when he vanished.

When the Coast Guard found Trindade's boat, two of the three engines were in gear and one was off, according to Candace Trindade.

The family thinks one of two things may have happened: either Trindade was at the back of his boat trying to fix the one engine when a rogue wave knocked him overboard, or he went to the back of the Donzi to see if he could spot Gamblin and Pratts and fell or was knocked off.

"When Chris and Brian were out of his sight, Jimmy would have never kept on going," Roger Gamblin said.

An experienced boater, Gamblin said it is not unusual to see one or two rogue waves usually caused by backwash from a cruise ship or tanker on a crossing to the Bahamas.

Gamblin and his family and Trindade's family wife Candace and daughter Taylor, 14 had been vacationing on Spanish Cay since Dec. 27. Candace and Taylor returned home early for work and school.

Today, Gamblin and other friends will search around Mangrove Cay and other Bahamas islands, praying that Trindade managed to swim into some mangroves or use the Donzi jacket he was wearing as a flotation device.

"We're down to our hope that his ability to swim so well, and use his jacket to help him, could have made a difference," Gamblin said.
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Default Re: Missing owner of 38 Donzi

Never give up hope.
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Default Re: Missing owner of 38 Donzi

Originally Posted by ANDREW REALTOR
They Did Find A Guy In California Hanging On Marker After Same Type Accident?/
yes Catalina thread.

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Default Re: Missing owner of 38 Donzi


Guy is still missing but FBI is now investigating and Mercury is examining the motors back in Wisconsin. Boat was a 38 CC with triples. Let the conspiracy theories begin..............
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Default Re: Missing owner of 38 Donzi

This Story Is On Americas Most Wanted Now
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Default Re: Missing owner of 38 Donzi

Saw the story on Americas Most Wanted. The boat was missing 2 of the 4 ice chest that were supposely full of fish, also both of his GPS plotters were erased. Last information on the GPS showed his boat where his friends broke down. This story got stink all over it.
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