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Michelle May-Schmidt
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A Special Thanks to all of those "Offshore Only" members who helped complete this stuady by sharing their information, thoughts an opinions, and for the support of the Offshore Only website in promoting our efforts to compile the information. Below is the completed Report. Enjoy!!

Michelle May - Schmidt
Over The Edge Motorsports Marketing

Conducted by North Star Lady, Inc. dba
Over The Edge Motorsports Marketing
Tel/Fax: 954-796-9226
email: [email protected]

Requests for Information for the Offshore Power Boat Race Event and Poker Run Demographic Report was completed based on a Survey originally posted to users of the internet via the Offshore Only website, on what is known as "The Board." The Board is a message and communications center which enthusiasts of powerboating frequent, to converse about boating, discuss social activities and events, engage in politics and participate in networking of personal information. The Internet website address is located at www.offshoreonly com.

In addition, Over The Edge Motorsports Marketing, the company conducting the survey, was contacted by for permission to post the survey. Additional survey information was forwarded and recommended to other participants through a referral from those who participated in the survey.

A requirement of the study was that all personal contact information including mailing address and telephone be provided. The deadline for submission was December 31, 2001 . All Survey Participants have received a copy of the survey forwarded to their email address, in addition to the posting of the Report on on February 1, 2002.

Representing the United States 95% in 18 States
Representing Canada 5%

Participants by Region
Western US 17%
Central US 26%
Eastern US 54%
Other Country 3%


Personal Attributes

a. Age
24 and below 3%
25 - 39 63%
40 - 49 28%
50 + 6%

b. Status
Single 29%
Married 63%
Divorced 8%

c. # Persons Living in Household
1 11%
2-3 69%
4+ 20%

d. Highest Level of Education
High School 11.5%
Some College 37.1%
College Graduate 40.0%
Advanced Degree 11.5%

e. Work Related Seminar Attendance
Yes 69%
No 17%
Answer Not Listed 14%

f. Occupation Type
Employed 34.3%
Franchisee 0%
Self Employed/Owner Operator 34.3%
Exec/ Mgmt 31.4%

g. Occupation Category
Advertising/Marketing 22.9%
Financial/Brokerage 2.90%
Professional Services 11.4%
Manufacturing/Mechanical 37.0%
Repair/Maintenance Services 8.60%
Retail Sales 8.60%
OTHER 8.60%

h. Marine Industry Occupation
Survey Participants were asked if their occupation was relative to the Marine Industry
YES 34.3%
NO 62.9%
Answer Not Listed 2.80%

i. Income
$0 - 25,000 0%
25,000 - 49,999 17.1%
50,000 - 99,999 34.3%
100,000 - 124,999 25.7%
125,000+ 22.9%

Purchase Power
j. Living Arrangements
Own Home 80%
Rent Home 14%
Apartment 6%

k. Luxury Living Arrangements
Own Second Home/Property 23%
Own Time Share 6%
Participate in Vacation Program 11%
None 60%

l. Banking
Checking Only 0%
Checking & Savings 14%
ATM & 1 Other 9%
All Three 77%

m. Credit Cards
1 - 3 57%
4 - 8 34%
9 - 15 9%
16+ 0%

n. Loans/ Mortgages Each Individual Category out of 100%
Home(s) 74%
Auto(s) 82%
Boat(s) 54%
None 11%

Event Attendance & Spending Power

o. Event Attendance
Total Miles traveled by the Survey Participant to the Event furthest from their Home
1 - 299 20.0%
300 - 499 11.4%
500 - 1499 31.4%
1500+ 34.3%
Did not answer 2.9%

p. Estimated Average of Dollars the Survey Participant spent an Event Area for
One Race Weekend LOCAL to their Home
$250.00 - 999.00 51.4%
1,000.00 - 1,999.00 31.4%
2,000.00 - 2,999.00 5.7%
3,000.00 - 4,999.00 0%
5,000.00 + 8.6%
Did not answer 2.9%

q. Estimated Average of Dollars that Participant spent in an Event Area for
One Race Weekend FURTHEST from their Home
$250.00 - 999.00 28.6%
1,000.00 - 1,999.00 37.1%
2,000.00 - 2,999.00 14.3%
3,000.00 - 4,999.00 5.7%
5,000.00 + 11.4%
Did not answer 2.9%

r. # Events Survey Participant Attended during the 2001 season
1 - 3 34%
4 - 8 43%
9+ 20%
No Events in 2001 3%

1. Powerboat Entrant Status
Race Competitor 14%
Spectator/Fan 17%
Poker Run Participant 3%
Spectator/Fan AND Race Competitor 6%
Spectator/Fan AND Poker Run Entrant 31%
Race Competitor AND Poker Run Entrant 3%
All Three 26%


2. Average Participation as Entrant by Average # Years of Participation
Competitor 18% 5.31
Spectator/Fan 70% 11.13
Poker Run Participant 12% 2.8

3. Type of Boat Used for Participation
Catamaran Up to 36’ 14%
Catamaran 37’ + 5%
Vee Bottom Up to 36’ 60%
Vee Bottom 37+ 14%
Rider Only 7%

4. A List of Boating Associations was provided to the Survey Participants.
Among those listed were:
American Poker Run Association (APRA) Poker Runs
American Power Boat Association (all related boating)
APBA Offshore
Class 1 - UIM
Great Lakes Silver Cup Series (GLSCS, BWORA, GLOPRA, MOPRA)
Offshore Power Boat Racing Association (OPBRA)
And The Florida Offshore Race Championship Events (FORCE) Series
As promoted by OPBRA - (votes were added with OPBRA)
Pacific Offshore Powerboat Racing Association (POPRA)
Super Boat International Productions (SBI)

A section was submitted for other associations, most of which were locally based and received a minimal number of votes.

5. Current Offshore Powerboat Racing/ Poker Run Association Memberships
A significant number of smaller boating associations were noted in the Other section of Category 4 and subsequently made up the largest percentage of membership participation. While the top four as per the highest concentration as selected from the list are below, it is important to note that a fairly sizeable number have not yet committed to a particular membership at all.

APBA Offshore 27%
Offshore Power Boat Racing Association (OPBRA) and FORCE 15%
American Poker Run Association (APRA) 6%
Super Boat International Productions (SBI) 4%
Undecided 16%

6. Club/Circuit Production Participation and Rating
Although a number of Participants rated each Individual Association, the total of all ratings were calculated as a whole to come up with an industry standard rating of quality. The Rating System was calculated at ONE (1) point for Poor/Having Complaints to FIVE (5) points for Excellence.

Category of Rating Average Score out of 5 Score % out of 100
1) Rates for Membership 3.47 69%
2) Communication (via News, Emails, Website, etc.) 3.12 62%
3) Event Production - Overall Final Impression 3.67 73%
4) Press/ Media Relations 2.84 57%
5) Sponsorship/Marketing/Training 2.02 40%
6) Prize Purse Distribution 2.67 53%
7) Consistency in Rule Regulation 3.09 62%
8) Commitment to Providing Benefits Promised 3.09 62%
9) Overall Service to Members 3.16 63%
10) Public Image of Club/Organization/Officers 3.29 66%

7. Offshore Powerboat Racing and Poker Run Participation for the 2002 Season
In addition to the intended participation of the series as listed below, various factors were listed as to the reason for selecting one organization or association event over another. Those included attending based on the number of boats participating, the location of the event, the quality of race competition, affordable rates of membership, event producers, and prize money offered. A number of Survey Participants listed fun and friendship as their reason for attendance, and in particular, race competitors determined their selection based on the sponsorship dollars received versus the expense to run in a particular series.
APBA Offshore 32.7%
Unknown 26.9%
Other Series Events 25%
Offshore Power Boat Racing Association (OPBRA) and FORCE 7.7%
Super Boat International Productions (SBI) 7.7%

8. Factors of Importance in Determining Participation
Survey Participants were asked to determine why they would participate in one event over another, one series over another, listing the factors below. Ranking consisted of FIRST Preference as a one (1) with a Five (5) as least important.
FIRST Preference: Enjoyment
2nd: Competition
3rd Location
4th Prize Purse
5th National Status/ Title

9. The Top Three (3) favorite Power Boating Websites in Order of Preference
While a significant number of destination websites were offered as third choice options, the majority of the Participants listed Offshore as their favorite. While this survey was posted on to capture the market that frequents the site, and therefore, should be expected to come in with a high count, it is important to note the number of visitors to that website far outnumbers any of the other competitor sites.

1st 37%
2nd 19.6%
3rd 8.7%
Others 35%

10. The Top Three (3) Favorite Printed Publications
Survey Participants were allowed to select their favorite Magazine, Newspaper or Newsletter, in order of preference.
1st Powerboat Magazine 32%
2nd Hot Boat Magazine 26%
3rd Poker Runs America Magazine 20%
Others 22%

Much can be learned about the High Performance Boater and the reasons they participate in the Events and Clubs that surround the boating life. It is evident that the Spectator/Fan remains so for years, while others come from that base and enter either the Racing Forum or the Poker Run Circuit as a Participant. These Event Participants, who are between the ages of 25 and 49, have graduated from College and continue to attend work-related seminars to further their education. Most are married, have at least one child and are in a "take charge" position, either operating their own business, or carrying an executive or management title.

The Survey Participant also has immediate access to their household income, with over 48% earning at least $100,000 per year. They have the ability to purchase what they desire, in town or away from home, and have credit readily available to pay for their travel, entertainment, additional luxury items and services at the events themselves. They attend between four and eight events per year.

While even the competitors admit that they rank attendance and event participation in direct relation to the amount of enjoyment they receive, much of that credit is due to the location that is selected by the Club or Association. These factors weigh heavily in the type of competitor and the number of boats that the event will attract, either to compete in the race itself or as part of a Poker Run event. Oddly enough, while the National or Series title is ranked as the least preferred reason why a Fan/Spectators or Race Entrant will compete, the question remains, if a Series Championship was held in an undesirable or inconvenient location, would the National or Series title alone have the pull to generate the participation?

Organizers or Event Producers, while making it affordable to join their club, should take note to understand both what the Competitor and the Fan/Spectator is seeking in an Event. The three lowest ranked areas of operation are Sponsorship Marketing and Training; Media and Public Relations; and the Prize Purse. However, these factors are directly related to the financing of the teams that need funds to cover their costs to participate in the event, as well as enable the event to finance itself.

Based on input from the Survey Participants, the organization or event that a team participates in, is linked to the amount of Sponsorship Dollars, or funding, that the competitor has available. Sponsors, both for teams and for events themselves, seek exposure, via media (TV, Radio, Print, Website) and public relations (Publicity earned based on storylines). The more Sponsor Dollars that are available to the event itself, will allow for the potential to increase the prize purse, which, while not a deciding factor, will most certainly entice additional competition to attend, thereby attracting additional Spectators/Fans.

These additional competitors will pay to enter the event, and Spectators/Fans will spend to attend it and watch the competition, increasing the market share of spendable income available. This combination will allow the Sponsor to receive the exposure they are seeking in exchange for their contribution, making it a win-win-win for all.

Copyright© 2002 North Star Lady, Inc. dba Over The Edge Motorsports Marketing

Comments may be emailed to:
[email protected]
Please mark REPORT COMMENTS and write within an email

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very interesting....thank you!
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Thanks for all your hard work.
Just proves the point. Most of us are 25-39, over educated, trying to keep our toys running by working in the manufacturing field or self-employed, underpaid, that enjoy poker runs in our vees and have aleast used the staben cabin 2-3 times. Fits me
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Thanks for posting the results. I've been looking forward to this...Very interesting, indeed!

It gives a better understanding to who exactly we are as a group.

I hope I didn't overlook it, but how many total participants were there anyway?

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Just curious - what was the sample size?
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Great works

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