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Default Re: Fuel

Oh Yeah......Diesel
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Default Re: Fuel

$2.75 for 89 octane at the marina yesterday here in Clearwater.
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Default Re: Fuel

We have our own oil but these envirowackos won't let us drill for it. Dumba$$es.

If this keeps up our economy is going to go to $hit.
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Default Re: Fuel

its called greed...... and price fixing doesnt help.......

oil companys are making record profits

as long as we pay it they will raise the prices
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Default Re: Fuel

We do a lot of drilling in Alaska already - the only spot left not drilled is the ANWR. Experts say it likely won't be enough to even keep our lawn mowers going for 10 years, let alone our cars - the oil output would peak in just 15 years, and then we'd be back to square one.

So even with the increased drilling, we'll still need to rely on Arab oil under the current plan. It's not a solution.

The other problem is refineries. Did you know that in 2000 10% of the energy products from Alaska went to Asia because US refineries didn't see enough profit?

But in 2004, energy exports to Asia from Alaska expanded 23% to $376 million, or $71 million more than in 2003.

Japan purchased 80% or $300 million of Alaska’s energy exports in 2004. China, Hong Kong, Korea, Canada and Chile imported the remainder.

So where will this extra crude from the ANWR go if it's not profitable enough for US refineries? To whichever country pays the highest price and has the highest demand - and my guess would be China!

The only way new refineries will ever be built in the US is if the price of oil remains high here - so they can keep enjoying the great profits selling home heating and gasoline. Fasten your seatbelts folks....

Thinking gas prices will come down when we start new Alaskan drilling is like hoping insurance premiums will come down when boat repair claims drop. It won't happen. They'll sell high because it will still be in demand.

When George W. Bush went into politics after being in the oil business and owning the baseball team, one of his cousins (Ellis) was interviewed and was asked why George W. chose to enter politics so late in life - The cousin replied, "He got interested in politics because he didn't like the government trying to regulate natural gas prices".

That tells it all.

Here's some background:

At their 1991 peak, West Coast refineries used 1.44 million barrels of Alaskan oil a day. While refineries have increased overall production since then, at this point it's not enough to process the potential increase in Alaskan crude if ANWR is opened.

"It is possible if they were to find a lot of oil in ANWR — and once they start drilling there they may move outside that little area — that the oil couldn't go to any place in the United States," Verleger said.

That could change if refineries make Alaskan oil a much larger percentage of their overall crude-oil supplies, or if refineries are expanded by the 2020s, when oil production from the refuge could peak if it's opened soon.

Sam Van Vactor, a Portland-based energy consultant who studies the West Coast oil market, said oil discoveries in the refuge probably wouldn't be big enough to trigger pressure for exports.

Even with an export ban on refuge oil, Alaskan oil could still be sold overseas. If the refuge oil were to meet all the domestic needs of West Coast markets, producers could put oil extracted from other North Slope oil fields that aren't subject to an export ban on tankers bound for Asia, Van Vactor said.

But he saw little reason for concern: Because oil is traded around the globe, the U.S. is in a better strategic position if it has more oil to trade, Van Vactor said.

"The companies don't like to argue this, I think, because they seem to think the American public doesn't understand economics very well. So they use these security and supply arguments that don't really make a lot of sense," Van Vactor said.

Cantwell countered that oil exports from Alaska, even if they don't trouble economists, do nothing to reduce U.S. reliance on a global petroleum network.

The most profitable industries are those unregulated products we can't live without: Insurance, health care and energy. Schools will be the next big boon, but first we have to destroy the public school system by decreasing their funding, which started a few years ago by offering federal & state funds for the Charter (for-profit) schools.

This is the case in Zimbabwe - private "for-profit" schools have slowly taken over and now make up 95% of all elementary schools. Tuition went up 75% last year, despite protests from the government. Parents who can, now pay more for schooling than for housing. This business is very lucrative and I am positive this is why Neil Bush has gone into the education industry (formerly was into natural gas eploration) with his new standardized testing company,"IGNITE", which is currently being used in Florida & Texas public schools and some Charter schools:

If I lived in Florida, I'd be asking Gov. Jeb Bush how much money Florida taxpayers paid Neil Bush for this new school program.

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