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Seadoo 3D Possible deal, any feedback?

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Default Seadoo 3D Possible deal, any feedback?

I had someone call me with a deal today. They have 300 2005 SEADOO 3D. These are the new Seadoos you can stand up on like the old style jet skis or put the seat on and use it as a sit down. They are brand new in the box with title. One year full Seadoo warranty. The 2006 retail for $8300 but the seat is optional. Thes come with the seats included. They want $5000 each for up to 10 then I can save a little bit. Does anyone have any feedback? Would anybody be intersted at $5000? I was thinking about taking some and reselling them but don't know anything about them.

MOTO. Ride it like a motocross bike, leaning into liquid turns. Get a face full of water instead of dirt. Do it for an hour or so. Then do something else.

SHOQ. The special SHOQ insert gives you more control and stability in a VERT-like riding style. Ride as long and far as you please with greater leverage and less fatigue.

KART. It's like riding a jet powered go-kart. Circle a small island in KART mode. It'll feel like a high-banked speedway.

KNEE. Does a 130-horse kneeboard work for you? A low center of gravity and low-profile seat assure it'll go easy on the, uh, knees.

VERT. Ever surf? Ever skate? Doesn't matter. Easily get the feeling of both in a position more stable than old-school stand up, but just as much of a blast.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $8,299.00


Length: 107.1 in. (272.0cm)

Width: 44.0 in. (112.0cm)

Height: 36.25 in. (92.0cm)

Weight (dry): 610.7 lbs. (277Kg)

Rider Capacity: 1

Fuel Capacity : 9.2 US gallons (35.0L)

Oil Capacity: 1.0 US gallons (4.0L)

Storage Capacity: 1.42 US gallons (5.4L)


Type: Rotax® twin-cylinder, Orbital¥ Direct injection with R.A.V.E. exhaust

Bore x Stroke: 88mm x 78.2mm

Displacement / hp: 951cc /130hp

Compression Ratio: 6.0:1

Intake System: Direct fuel injection, 46mm SU Automotive

Cooling: Water, open circuit

Fuel Type: Regular unleaded

Drive Unit

Propulsion System: Bombardier Formulawater jet pump

Jet Pump: Comp osite/aluminum, axial flow, single stage, large hub

Transmission: Direct drive with V.T.S.™ (Variable Trim System)

Impeller: Stainless steel


Ignition: Digital inductive

Starter: Electric

Battery: 12 volt


Type: Semi-V, composite

Color: Viper Red


Speedometer: N/A

Tachometer: N/A

Multifunction LED info center: STD
– Fuel Level
– Low Fuel Level
– Low Oil Level
– Maintenance Info
– Check Engine


O.P.A.S.TM system: STD


Sea-Doo® Learning Key: STD

Mirrors: N/A

Two-tone comfort hand grips: STD

Reboarding Deck Pad: STD

Reboarding Step: N/A

Removable Front Storage Tray: N/A

Information Center: N/A
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Old 01-24-2006, 08:14 PM
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Default Re: Seadoo 3D Possible deal, any feedback?

When I worked for all pro we where a sea doo dealer and I do have seadoo certs A couple of questions you need to ask.....

A) are the dess keys already programed in the ski??

B) how is seadoo going to registar the warr

C) Is there a seadoo dealer near you if you have problems

D) who is going to get the pdi money and will they be pdi ed prior to you getting them

keep in mind that the rotax 2 stroke is unlike any 2 stroke built
great mtr when running right they do with 2 cyl what yam and kaw do with 3 and 4

from what I hear they are nice units and at the right price I could probobly unload a few for you

also keep in mind that the dealers for the most part dont make much profit selling skis they make there money repairing the ones that they sell, in other words they are extremly competitive in pricing and the profit margin isnt that much to begin with

email me at [email protected]

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Old 01-24-2006, 08:32 PM
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Default Re: Seadoo 3D Possible deal, any feedback?

I like the 3d, but not in the market right now. At the NY show the dealer was giving a few grand off list on the 3d but not down to 5k.
whats the speed? it has the 951 DI right?
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Default Re: Seadoo 3D Possible deal, any feedback?

The 05 is down on power, we sell them and last year at the demo day everybody who rode it said it was cool but needed more power. The 06 has more power. Did you say they have 300 of them ? They are also a very wet ride it's like being shot in the face with a hose at speed. I'll see how good of a deal that is and see if my place thinks they can move them.
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Default Re: Seadoo 3D Possible deal, any feedback?

try allot of stand up enthusiasts don't care for the 3-d because it takes absolutely no skill to run it. it does have the 951 d.i. i have ridden this model, compared to my Kawasaki sxr it was like driving an escort but it is a great beginner sled for someone who has never tried a stand up.if you look on ebay dealers are dumping them on there for about five grand. you are correct, the moto seat is about a $500 option
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Default Re: Seadoo 3D Possible deal, any feedback?

In my opinion for what you are paying for that buy either a Kawasaki SXI Pro or a Yamaha Super Jet. The basis for any stand up is for doing tricks or big surf jumping. The Kawasaki or Yamaha will be better suited for that. If you are looking to sit down then go with a standard sit down model. I think SeaDoo came up shy with that design in my own opinion. Hope this helped give you some insight.
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Default Re: Seadoo 3D Possible deal, any feedback?

Being a stand up rider since the 80's I can tell you that I wouldn't be interested in riding a big tank like that. Most really experienced riders want a light and powerfull ski that I can get some serious air with. Something that I can do barrel rolls, subs and flips off waves and wakes. I would be a novelty to take a ride it but not something challenging enough to hold my interest. I won't even ride a sit down, I'd rather stay home than go for a ride on one.
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Default Re: Seadoo 3D Possible deal, any feedback?

Dont waste your money you'll be stuck with it.

Advice from an avid "skier" get a new RXP. Do a couple of basic Riva mods and your at 75mph (gps) all day. Plus you have a 4 stroke.

good luck
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Default Re: Seadoo 3D Possible deal, any feedback?

Advice from an avid "skier"
Didn't I tell you never to mention that in public
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