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Mortality Check!! (this sucks)

Old 03-16-2006, 11:48 AM
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Default Mortality Check!! (this sucks)

My good friend Brad who is barely 40, former Merchant marine and someone who could school all of us about all things nautical didn't pay attention to his own health. He has had a heart attack and is in the ICU and the doc's are discovering that things are worse than they first appeared. (I think being airlifted to the hospital is bad enough). A couple of you have met him from the Toys for Tots run back in Dec. when we were in my Stingray and he is the guy who shot the vid of my Fountain that I posted earlier this week. In fact he had been complaining of "heartburn" all day and after that vid was shot too. We might get to laugh about this one day, the fact that he was having minor heart attacks while he was shooting my Fountain vid, but for right now I'm a little weirded about it. I know that most of you have never met this guy and only a few of you have met me, but I'm asking everyone I know to keep him in your thoughts and also guys, keep your Ticker and your bodies in yours. Brad's solution to "heartburn" was Burgers and Vodka grapfruits( that day at least). I am in shape and concerned about myself enough but I am 36 and am reaching that age where things that will go wrong begin to show themselves. Brad just bought a new boat, I am hoping that he gets to use it....
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Default Re: Mortality Check!! (this sucks)

Hope your friend gets better and back to 100%. That sucks.

Put your best foot forward!
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Default Re: Mortality Check!! (this sucks)

Heartburn and heart attacks give some of the same symptoms. I see "heart attacks" almost every day as the company I work for sells cardiac caterization packs and I'm usually in a lab 3 days/week.

Best your diet and exercise. Fat is still an artery no,no so for those of you on the Atkins diet just keep that in mind. There's some natural remedies like red rice extract and celery seed extract that works real well for lipid profiles and blood pressure. Also B6 and B12 great for the old ticker.

Best wishes for your friend. As long as they catch these things early enough the recovery is pretty amazing.
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Default Re: Mortality Check!! (this sucks)

I understand you concerns. I hope Brad pulls through with no lasting problems. Is he in an Orlando hospital??
Fortunately Brad is young, if there is no major damage he should come out ok. He will have to change his diet, exercise, drinking, and (if he does) smoking habits. It will be a big change in lifestyle.

I have been putting up with heart trouble for 29 years. My problems started when I was 22, I'm now 51. I have a condition called Atrial-Fibrillation with high blood pressure and heart disease to go with it. My cardiologist found some minor blockage in a couple of the smaller blood vessels, but they are a bit too small to be fixed, could cause more trouble that it's worth to correct. I also have a blood vessel on the wrong side of the heart. Doc said as long as I'm ok they'll leave it alone.
I'm currently taking a blood thinner, cholesterol medication, and 4 other meds to control blood pressure.
I was hospitalized this February for an A-Fib episode. Took them 1.5 days to get my heart back into normal rhythm using drugs. This was short one. Normally takes three or four days to get back to normal. It was the fourth time I've been hospitalized for it and the shortest stay yet.

Keep us informed. Tell Brad we are all pulling for him.


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Default Re: Mortality Check!! (this sucks)

I'll keep him in my prayers

My mother just had triple by pass last month after she was being treated for heart burn for months
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Default Re: Mortality Check!! (this sucks)

I wish him well hope everything works out
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Default Re: Mortality Check!! (this sucks)

Our thoughts and prayers are with your friend.

Craig and Nancy
I can't talk about it right now, it's being handled by the Postal Inspector. Those guys don't mess around!
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