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Default Why?

Why didn't this US coast gaurd boat take avoiding action to save this collision from happening?

If the captain of the C-G boat could see the small boat was on a course to collide, and the small boat clearly hadn't seen the C-G boat, why on earth wouldn't he slow down, or turn!!

The "International regulations for the prevention of collisions at sea" state quite clearly that regardless of 'right of way', anyone who can see that a collision is likely to occur, MUST take avoiding action.

Confused of England.
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Default Re: Why?

Attitude or large cajones.
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Default Re: Why?

in lake michigan no less, how the hell do you hit someone in a massively wide open expanse
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Default Re: Why?

Just a couple of observations:
The "Speedboat" had the right of way! This is basic "rules of the Road".
A 15' tri-hull with a Chrysler can hardley be considered a speedboat.
Did the Coast Guard issue itself a "ticket"??
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Default Re: Why?

Well I'm 50 feet long and there are not very many boats longer than mine on the Potomac that go to the same places most of the power boaters do, and if I didn't turn or slow down at least 1 time evry day I go out I would hit people all the time.

I think the CG captain or whoever is driving should be fired, fined, and billed for that guys boat.
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Default Re: Why?

Is there any way we could see an incedent report?
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Default Re: Why?

Holy Sht! I can't believe what I just saw. That guy driving the CG vessel should be locked up. The boat approaching from the starboard clearly had the right-of-way. Though all parties are responsible for avoiding any collision at using all means necessary, the CG vessel was clearly aware of the impending collision and they did nothing about it, just shoot video.
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Default Re: Why?

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Default Re: Why?

Originally Posted by CigDaze
That guy driving the CG vessel should be locked up.
At least...
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Default Re: Why?

My understanding is ..The pilot of the CG auxilary boat was in training can hear his superior yelling for the other boat to turn so junior keeps going and blindsides the guy..
CG 100% at fault ..the dumb Azzes on that boat should be on attempted murder charges
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