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Slip rental vs. trailering of a 28 footer?

Old 01-20-2002, 07:39 AM
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For me, it's trailering. No slip fee, but sometimes I need to pay for the ramp. What I am surprised to see that hasn't been mentioned is Fueling. We all know the difference in price from the street and from the marina don't we? Trailer: Boat clean-up, no excuse for missing any spots, sides or bottom of the boat. Slip clean-up, can't soap the bottom, little tough to do the sides, ahh, just hose it off for now is usually the end result. Trailer: NO ELECTROLYSIS!!! Slip: All that powerful ELECTRICAL CURRENT floating in the water does wonders to the paint as well as eats away at any metal in the water. Oh sure, there are Zincs for that, but do they work 100%? I also run my boats very hard. Trailer: I can inspect the entire hull for any damage after the days run as well as torque everything down that is bolted to the transom. Slip: Probably not many get in the water to insure that they won't lose a drive or tie bar. Probably if you have this option at a local marina, you can enjoy both, by seeing if you can get an overnight slip, so if you put in on Friday and take out on Sunday. With whatever you choose, just enjoy the damn boat !!!!

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Old 01-20-2002, 10:17 AM
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A lot of it wil depend on what you want to do with your boat. If you always boat in the same waters, then a slip, or rack storage can be a benifit. I've worked in marinas so here's my opinion. The pro's to having a slip you can for the most part come and go as you please, and even spend a night here and there on the boat without even going out. (Big plus) Now racks can be great, for you and your boat, but you've got to find the right place and realize that it will cost you $ every time you go out. If you want it cleaned right you've gotta tip the kids working there, also you've got to use the marina's services. (Repairs, and fuel) Now trailer is advantages if you like goign to new places, also if you enjoy working and cleaning on your boat a trailer lets you do it in the comfort of your own home. When I lived on Long Island having the boat in the back yard was great. Go out flip a switch drop it in the drink, throw in a cooler, go get gas, and your off. No where I live it takes me 15 minutes to drive to the marina, I keep the current boat on a trailer in my garage, I can be in the water, and gone in 30 minutes, so for me this is the right choice.

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