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Jay Ross joins Active Thunder ????

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Default Re: Jay Ross joins Active Thunder ????

Originally Posted by CanDo
theres been cheating in every type of racing since racing began. Offshore racing is no different, and have always thought it was a poor reason to quit. suspect cheaters are subject to teardowns after winning races. This is allowed under the "rules". its all part of the competitive spirit of racing. So much for the quote "Racing on Sunday, sells boats on Monday". Now who was that, that said that...?

Talk, Talk, Talk. Look this is very simple and Pat has told you how to resolve this discussion. Although my experience is limited, you will have a hard time beating an AT equipped with the DDC hull.

Those that win at racing put an extraordinary amount of money into the sport and are continuously looking for / finding ways to circumvent the rules. Does finding ways to bend break rules make the boat your buy better, faster, safer ? By the way I meant this question to be rhetorical.

If you really want to know, take Pat up on his $50 bet. The most it will cost you is $50 and gas money and whatever "pride" is worth to you.

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Default Re: Jay Ross joins Active Thunder ????

After working for the local Active, Fountain,Sonic and now Cigg dealer for the Last 5 yrs I have to agree with Pat,

Each boat has a nich Fountain = speed Sonic = Price Cigg = Fit and finish

Active has all the bases covered at a Reasonable price...
has Superior Graphics, great fit and finish and a great ride

Its not all about winning races If you strip out a boat put big power in it any boat could win, but that costs big money Where do you think it comes from??? The selling price of the new product

Ive driven just about every boat out there after 25 yrs building drives and mtrs and Active is one of the few that pretty much covers all the bases and doesnt cost out of this world money

And Now with Frank Marchone in there I m sure we'll be seeing a whole lot more of them out there ........ Ive known Frank and worked with him for several yrs and one thing about Frank he cares about his customers and wants to see them happy at any cost ( even if it ment me working on there boat on Sunday)

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Default Re: Jay Ross joins Active Thunder ????

Gordo raced his 25 Active back in 1998-1999 in APBA F1. It was a very competitive boat for F1 back then especially unlike the other F1's Gordo's boat was a pleasure boat complete with all the cabin amenities! If my memory serves me correctly he placed 3rd in the F1 Worlds in Biloxi.
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Default Re: Jay Ross joins Active Thunder ????
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Default Re: Jay Ross joins Active Thunder ????

outlaw 37AT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Default Re: Jay Ross joins Active Thunder ????

Jay and Patrick together! Truly a winning combination. I know and like both of them. They forgot more than many boat builders know!

Kinda' like when Joe Walsh joined the Eagles.
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