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One of my Labs has cancer

Old 06-01-2006, 08:09 AM
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Default Re: One of my Labs has cancer

Robert, the absolute HARDEST things I've ever had to do in my life was accepting the time to say goodbye to my dogs. Of my 7 Dobermans, three went naturally and 4 I had to help. Ripped my heart out.

All I can say is that in spirit I'm right beside you and know what you are going through, you are NOT alone....Russ
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Default Re: One of my Labs has cancer

I had to put down our 13 1/2 year old Golden Retriever in March of this year. He too was diagnosed with a cancerous (mass in his leg), which quickly spread into his abdomen. I took Cody to three specialists, but even with amputaion, the prognosis was grim. I decided to let nature take its course and keep him as happy as possible. He lasted three months after his original diagnosis.

I made everyday as special as I could, and made sure the kids gave him a lot of extra love. Cody was the best and I know what you are going through. Once your dog stops eating, then he is beginning to give up. Putting down a dog is very hard, but the process is painless and peaceful. I really miss my dog, but we do have plans for a new addition (another Golden) this fall.

Sorry to hear of your situation... god bless.
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Default Re: One of my Labs has cancer

Very sorry to hear this. It's a very tough circumstance which I am familiar with. They're best friends in every regard. Best wishes.

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Old 06-01-2006, 11:05 AM
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Default Re: One of my Labs has cancer

Had to put my 12 yr old Yellow Lab down last Memorial Day. He had a large malignant mass on his back. My wife still cries from time to time.

Don't let these sad stories influence your decision. It is only a good decision to let them go out with dignity, unlike us humans who think suffering is the right way to go!

You'll know when the right time is. My sympathies to your family.
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Old 06-01-2006, 11:10 AM
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Default Re: One of my Labs has cancer

Oh man, that sucks....nothin worse than loosing your buddy. We spared no expense saving our lab puppy, and it was worth every cent. All you can do is pray, see good dr.'s, and accept the fact that it happens to everybody's dog. Chin up and move on, Sadie(great name) would want that.

This is cooper, he loves to play with other labs. We have every color at our dock durring summer weekends.
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Unhappy Re: One of my Labs has cancer

Robert, I have 2 Chocolate Labs, a female (12) and her son(8) . When the time comes I can only hope that they go in their sleep.... The male, Bu (Boo) is my best friend .Make her comfortable, do her favorite things, and hope the end is easy for her. When the time comes to consider another puppy, remember the great life you gave Sadie, and realize that you can give another dog the same.... I had a Cat who died when he was18 yrs. old, I got him when he was 4 weeks old. I was so upset ,that I called in sick the next day. There is no easy way....... ERIC
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Default Re: One of my Labs has cancer

Thanks for the support. I've gone thru this many times in the past,but it never gets any easier. We have 5 labs,the 2 oldest are 14 and 13,figured they would go first,guess cancer sneaks up on you. Vet gave her Prednisone,a powerful chemo type drug that he said might help.but he only gave me one weeks supply and told me to come back next week for more is she's still with us so it doesn't look good. He said when she stops eating then it's time. A friend said it best "You have to love her enough to let her go" I do,and I will. Thanks for the kind words.Robert
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Default Re: One of my Labs has cancer

I have a 10yr old yellow and a 1yr black lab, I got the puppy to help when Tara goes, plus Tara is much more active now. The problem is she has bumps or fatty cysts all over her, people keep asking me why I don't have them checked, it is because I don't want to know and will just keep treating her the same until the end. She has traveled and done more than most humans and has taught the puppy more than I ever could. As far as liking them more than humans, this is so true, all I need in life are my dogs, boat, bike and truck but I would live in a box if all I could have is my dogs. I am sorry to have to see so many dogs with trouble of late, it is sad. Hope all goes well and just keep petting and loving your dog, like said, she will remember.
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Default Re: One of my Labs has cancer


We had a nine year old Golden Retriever diagnosed with the same exact problem, except that we found it at an early stage.
My wife found a vet that was a 3-hour ride away from our house that specializes in cancer victims. Our dog lived for 6 additional years and died at 15 in my arms this past January. The vet Dr Tina (tel: 518-329-5213) located in upstate New York, using Holistic medicines was able to extend his life 5-1/2 years longer than any Doctor said he would live. Shane also had a Quality of Life while he was still around and virtually led a normal life, except for the foods and the medication he received about four times a day.

My suggestion would be to contact Dr Tina. Although she may never see your pet, she can make suggestions and diagnosis based on Blood Work and other Vet's observations. In some cases we could not always get Shane to Dr Tina for treatments, but she would instruct our local Vet as to what had to be done by phone. You can probably work out an arrangement for phone consultations and she would bill you based on that.

We have a lot of respect for Dr Tina for the work she had done on our "Best Friend" as well as many others and I truly believe she would give you a very fair assessment of the situation and if she could do something or not. I experienced many Vets that just want your money and she is not like that.

If I can be of any further assistance or advice, e-mail me at: [email protected]
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Default Re: One of my Labs has cancer

for me who lost a Golden Retreiver named "Timber" it was a quality of life issue. I spent thousand of dollars diagnosing the problem then treating it.

It is never an easy choice, I wish you the best for both of you.

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