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UIM Class 1 (why no Americans)

Old 06-16-2006, 11:01 AM
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Default UIM Class 1 (why no Americans)

The other night I was watching the UIM Class 1 race from Dubai and I could not understand why there is no American enties there. This is the premiere offshore racing organization in the world . Even the American manufactures are not well represented with the only entery being an MTI. I was thinking with all the B.S. going on within American offshore racing with The APBA/SBI and OSS no being able to get along and everything else. Why havent any of you big racers packed up and and gone to Europe and try to compete against the best in the world? I think that its pretty rediculous when a team like Dave Scotts (Kilo Cat) spends all sorts of crazy money on one of the fastest boats in the world and go race against themselves or maybe 1 other boat at most races. The last time i remember an American going over there to compete was a few years ago Matt Alcone and Jerry Gilbreth went over to compete in 1 race and they won . I just believe that there should be an American presence over there and lets show the rest of the world how tough the Amercan boats are.
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Default Re: UIM Class 1 (why no Americans)

I would imagine the financial cost and the logistics are too much of a price to pay.
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Default Re: UIM Class 1 (why no Americans)

It'a a old problem that Americans drivers desert the european-rest of the world races.
The costs are one of the biggest problem,but once upon a time Italian or European drivers went in numbers when the UIM WC finals was in Key West.
The other reason is that American drivers think that winning a USA title it's enough to they careers.The rest of the world or a UIM official World Title is not more important to them
Other problem is the rules about the engines,that force them to prepare specific engines.
Hovewer the highest level of the UIM Class 1 circuit not sure to them(Americans) easy victories.

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Default Re: UIM Class 1 (why no Americans)

verry well said h2oft .
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Default Re: UIM Class 1 (why no Americans)

Originally Posted by H2O - Full Throttle
BigDady - Class 1 is an interesting sport to say the least and I wouldnt call it the top of the pinnacle when it comes to Offshore racing. What do all the boys in Class 1 have in common, two things, big big egos and big big cheque books. Their races are mainly centered around Europe and the Middle East, hence it would be quite a distance for an American team to travel.

Australian Bill Barrie-Cotter used to race on the Class 1 circuit with a boat called Riviera at first, and then Maritimo. He decided not to do it this year as they kept changing the rules when the diesel boats started to become very competitive. You talk about infighting well Class 1 also has this problem. Saeed Hareb basically got sick of the political crap and quit not that long ago and rumour has it that the Victory Team might also be retiring soon because their main backer, one of the Sheikhs of the ruling Dubai family passed away recently.

In my opinion teams such as CRC, Dave Scotts team and Reliable could compete very well with the current crop of Class 1 boats, and after seeing Mike DeFries and Jeff Harris race at Puerto Rico I would say they would even beat them.

I also think you are a little off the mark when you talk about OSS as I was down in Puerto Rico last week and I will give you this little piece of information. The hospitality, friendliness and genuine good guy attitude of everyone I met in the OSS family is completely different to the arrogance and up themselves attitude you find with a lot of the Class 1 teams. If I was a team owner and I wanted to choose where to race my boat I would go with OSS in a heartbeat. Going to an offshore race is not just all about the egos of those that drive, if it is then go to a Class 1 race. If you want a real "experience" and a day you will enjoy and be made part of the family, then go down the OSS route and mark my words OSS WILL become the leading form of offshore racing worldwide before long.

I will however make note of one person who is an exception to the Class 1 egonaut rule, that being Steve Curtis. Steve runs in both Class 1 and OSS. In the two occasions I have met him he has come across as more OSS type personality than Class 1.

Semper Fi - I would agree and disagree with the cost factor as a lot of the guys that race OSS are pretty well off individuals in their own right and put a LOT of money into their sport. I am talking about people like Billy Mauff, Stan Ware and Dave Scott. For example Budweiser is a worldwide brand and if Dave went to them and said I want to run Class 1 this season I think they would probably go for it. With regards logisitcs once the boat is in Europe it just goes along on the freight train with all the other boats, sort of same as the ones from OSS that went to Puerto Rico.

Black Tornado - I dont think its about American deserting races outside the USA. Its more about being convenient I would say. If you have a great group of guys that race in the USA and its right in your backyard and you enjoy it then why would you spend a lot more to go and fight the idiosyncricies of Class 1.

I agree with you on the engine rules, but be aware of late there have been cases of Class 1 changing the rules to suit themselves, or better yet, those of the boats that "should" be winning if you get my drift. Bill Barrie-Cotter was a classic example. He built up his boats for the season based on the rules that were in concrete. He shipped off the boats and then once they had already left Australia he was told that they had changed the rules and that his boats were now ineligible to compete. Guess what he told Class 1 they could do

Your last comment is interesting. An offshore victory is not an easy one, no matter what form of offshore you do. You say Americans dont complete in Class 1 because they arent assured of an easy victory. You obviuously havent been to many OSS races. I was in Puerto Rico last week and if you think that was an easy victory for those guys, then think again my friend. I would bet you any amount you like that if you put the best of OSS and the best of Class 1 in identical raceboats for a race you would be hard pressed to pick a winner before the race.

What I would love to see is a joint OSS/Class 1 world championship race somewhere. That way you could get a true world champion.

Anyway just my two cents worth.

Can you tell us which organizations have agreed (formally or informally) to advertise in your upcoming magazine?
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Default Re: UIM Class 1 (why no Americans)

(2 cents worth) And hereīs mine! I think it is essentially the cost that rules out most Us teams competing in Europe. These days the teams have become ever more professional - itīs more of a business - and maybe a lot of the crews have business commitments. I donīt know for sure. The romantic days of good ole boys turning up in a fairly basic hull packing a big punch and going out there and being successful are long gone (with the exception of the smaller classes in the US - itīs great to see so many less powerful machines competing). I guess itīs like Formula 1 motor racing - itīs inevitable that eventually he with the biggest budget and resulting professional approach will succeed.

I think that maybe what Black Tornado meant to say was that in the US you get called the WORLD Champion, when the only country youīve competed against is the US of A (usually).

Sorry to drift off the subject of the thread slightly here:- Having been to Key West a number of times I have been spoilt by the welcoming approach of you folks over there. I know thereīs been a lot of talk about whether or not it is ītrueī offshore racing. But the spectacle of Key West is truly awesome - to get so close is phenomenal. I gave up going to races in the UK and Europe - personally I would rather see 80 or so boats of all different classes pulling the stops out and being welcome at the venue, than watch 10 class 1 boats from a venue where you need to have a knighthood from the Queen to get into the pits. (Unless thatīs changed a bit these days - maybe someone can put me right on that if I am wrong).
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Default Re: UIM Class 1 (why no Americans)

i do believe that there should not be a world champion named for the OSS or APBA/SBI unless it is a unified "WORLD " title against the best in the world. There should only be a national champ. I mean how can you honestly say "I am the 2006 world champ in Superboat Unlimited" when the only competion you had all year is yourself or maybe 1 other boat that only shows up to race in the worlds. As far as class 1 being full of big egos and big check books, have you accually taken a good look at American offshore racing latly? If it wasnt for big checkbooks these guys wouldnt have boats. Honestly Teams that do have sponsors get just about enough money to put the sponsors name on the boat (unless your Dave Scott with a huge national brand backing you). As far as the big egos there is deffinatly alot of that in American offshore to. I believe its just the nature of the beast when you have alot of money and a fast boat your going to have a big ego (not everyone). I also think the racing is a lot tougher over there with tighter turns more turns faster speeds. By faster speeds i dont mean out and out straight line speed I mean that i think class 1 boats turn better and just handle better allaround do to set up than American boats. If someone wants to prove me wrong go over there and race against the best!
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Default Re: UIM Class 1 (why no Americans)

Originally Posted by BigDadys93x
i do believe that there should not be a world champion named for the OSS or APBA/SBI unless it is a unified "WORLD " title against the best in the world. There should only be a national champ.
Just like the baseball World Series
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Default Re: UIM Class 1 (why no Americans)

I think the only option is for you to buy a big race team and go over there.. problem solved
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Default Re: UIM Class 1 (why no Americans)

Gary Ballough was invited to throttle his old 32' outboard Doug Wright cat this spring over there. Not Class 1, but Class 3, same organization, different size boats. He won a 1st and 4th. This past weekend in Puerto Rico he finished 2nd in an idenitical boat.
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