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Sal Magluta mentioned in Miami Vice movie

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Default Re: Sal Magluta mentioned in Miami Vice movie

[QUOTE=someoneineurope]I just did 12 in the inside and heres how they story goes ************
You didn't see Carlos Lehder in your travels have you? I still wonder what the real story is with that guy. Witness protection, max security prison, who knows????
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Default Re: Sal Magluta mentioned in Miami Vice movie

Back in the day, and unknowingly, I traded a few hundred million for C.L. ...wondered why our little Bahamian branch was booking huge swissy deals through me. Found out later. Hope he appreciated my great prices on large dollar swiss trades. <gg>

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Funny thread to bring back up.
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Originally Posted by someoneineurope View Post
I just did 12 in the inside and heres how they story goes ************
the freekin director of the movie came to visit Falcon and Magluta and ask them if he could use them for the movie. Magluta said they could mention him. he doesn't care he's in for life. Falcon said absolutly no! guess he has his reasons.they picked this snitch name YERO aka Coca-Cola. The main dealer in the movie who was partners with Jesus Montoya the colombiano. the guy with the black hair and black glasses. He smuggled a couple of pounds of marijuana in the 80's. nothing even remotely big and the gringo director picked him from the fed cases and saw that he was from Miami in the 80's and had a criminal past.Jesus would have never ever ever given this guy the time of day to sit and talk with him.But the movie shows differently.In the inside we used to beat and rape this half man. But I Know something you don't know.I worked in the cafeteria in Atlanta. which is controlled by the blacks. Yero would sit in the table of all the snitches. we would pea in all the food of all the snitches then we would sit and watch them eat it and laugh.This made me slightly happy. It was the only food they got. And they knew, but they had to eat it.In the inside Falcon and Magluta would reward the cafeteria workers if we gave all the cubans extra food and told them who it was from and we did so for 12 years in every state they changed me to even after I was sent to other institutions and seperated. In prison every one was disgusted by this man. And everyone was very angry at the movie.My point, no the real men from the fake!!!!! and when they make Miami Vice 2 I HOPE TO GOD THEY GET "THE REAL STORY!!!"
I'd like to know which facility you were in, what years, and what years they (Salvador and Augusto) were in there with you. Because I don't believe this. I've written to Salvador in Florence High for a few years now, and he doesn't seem like he "wouldn't care" about what is out about him. He is realizing how terrible a reality his situation is and it has crushed him greatly, realizing he will never be out for his family and most importantly his daughter. He wouldn't even touch the subject of drugs and his "Miami Vice" days; he is more interested in talking about his powerboat racing days, and how he has lost many friends to the sport. Here's a quote from him regarding that:

"It was an awesome feeling racing. It was surreal and though it had its dangers I enjoyed it. Maybe as much as the racing I enjoyed the events surrounding the races etc met some great people. Unfortunately some passed away racing -- so like everything there is always the sad moments that a sport like that must deal with. I was very blessed both in having some success, but doubly, blessed cause God always spared me from tragedy. To be successful you must push the envelope to the end and sometimes its just a fine line that separates you from winning or disaster. But I did enjoy it, I had the opportunity to travel abroad and rep the US in places like New Zealand, etc."

I honestly like Sal just from communicating with him via letters; he seems like a good guy.
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