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Dealing With Victory Marine

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Dealing With Victory Marine

I purchased 2 - 500 EFI engines from Victory Marine on apx. April 11, 2006 with a 30 day warranty. It would take the boat manufacture longer than 30 days to get them installed. Victory Marine agreed to warranty 30 days after install. We finally got the engines installed on apx. May 5, 2006, fired them up and one had a loud knocking in it. Pulled filters - full of metal. Called Victory Marine, they said nothing could be wrong, they test ran the engines. The boat factory talked to Victory Marine and got them off thinking a shade tree mech. did the install and didn't know what they were doing. Victory Marine wanted me to send the engine back at my expense. They agreed they would pay shipping. I told them it would be cheaper and faster to have a machine shop fix the engine here. They finally agreed, they would pay all the machine shop bill and send ALL parts needed (this was apx. May 9, 2006). I would pay the boat factory to pull the engine and reinstall. We received most of the parts needed, shorted 1 crank bearing and rings. I had told them the roller lifter broke and filled engine with metal, damaged cam, etc. - we would need a complete rebuild. I would not go for half-ass work when I paid them around $25,000.00 for these engines. We completed the engine, installed and no problems, runs perfect. Also we changed rollers on the other engine - rollers had small cracks, didn't expect to be paid , just my security knowing the other engine is good. Sent machine shop bills to Victory Marine on apx. May 18, 2006, we didn't hear back for apx. 1 1/2 months. Finally after several messages and e-mails they called back on apx. June 30, 2006. They asked if I could re-fax copies of machine shop bills. On July 30, 2006 I received a check for less than 1/2 of the machine shop bills. I paid the factory around $3000.00 to pull and install engine 2 times and fronted money to the machine shop in order to have my boat on the water before the first holiday weekend. I took Victory Marines word that they would take care of things. Victory Marine should have paid apx. $1170.00 of the machine shop bill and sent all parts needed. Instead they sent me a check for $642.00. As settlement on a bad engine. I should go ahead and spend $25,000.00 for engines, half the machine shop bill and $3000.00 for pulling engine out, assemble of the engine and reinstall. I guess I'm just too trusting and a hell of a sucker. All I can say is beware!!! I guess they need the money more than I do, so I'm refusing this check (sending it back to them with a copy of this posting) and we will see what happens next. If you want more info - you can e-mail me at [email protected]
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Default Re: Dealing With Victory Marine

may want to check this thread and search the name, unfortunatly it sounds like this happens to them quite a bit..
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Default Re: Dealing With Victory Marine

I hope OSO leaves this thread up forever.
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Chris G.
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I hate the winter!!
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Default Re: Dealing With Victory Marine

I see ads for these guys all the time. Especially on E-Bay..

Add this to the list of reasons why I build my own drives and engines..

Good luck getting your money back..
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Default Re: Dealing With Victory Marine

That suks...thnks for posting.
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Default Re: Dealing With Victory Marine

My advise, sue them. It's the only way to make them pay. And they will actually pay more because of damages, attorney fees, etc.
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Default Re: Dealing With Victory Marine

Hello everyone,

I am Scot VanAlstine. I have worked for Victory marine since January '06. I also have run the Donzi Registry in my off time since 1997.

I gave a great deal on two Blue Mercruiser racing 500 EFI engines to Mike and his wife with a 30 day warranty for 24,000.00 on May 8th 2006. Any Knowledgeable boater knows that this is a great deal! With that said everyon know that Blue motors are not babied. Mike was apprised of the fact that these engines were used take out engines.

We ran compression checks on both engines, ran computer checks, and also ran the engines. Both engines passed all tests.

The terms of our warranty are as follows: If there is a problem with a used engine within warranty, it needs to be shipped back to us and we'll make the repairs and send it back. We as a business have the means and resources at our disposal to make these repairs. It is only fair to give a business a chance to make good on their warranty.

Mr. Robinson called and said that he had a rocker arm tapping. Itís sort of odd that on OSO he blows it up to be a KNOCKING! The roller on a roller lifter had failed. It should be noted that Mr. Robinson DID NOT CALL VICTORY MARINE until his Mechanic had already completely disassembled the engine.

Normally completely tearing down the engine would void a warranty. BUT in the interests of customer service, we took Mike at his word and agreed to send the parts needed to solve the problem and pay reasonable machine shop costs. Mike was fine was this.

We OVERNIGHTED ALL the parts to him that were requested. It took a few days to get him all the parts because some had to be ordered from Mercruiser. When I received them I sent them straight out overnight. FYI, Mike never once called us to say he was missing the set of rings and bearings.

We waited for the Machine shop bill.

Imagine our surprise when there were charges for a complete rebuild for both engines.
We intended to fix the engine. It was not our responsibility to make the engine new.(complete valve Job, Springs, surface heads, etc.. If you sold a used engine would you pay this or fix the problem? You would pay to fix the problem only.

We paid for all the parts and half of the machine shop bill.

We as a business have certain criteria that we have to follow in order to best serve ALL of our customers. Used engines are a gray area. They can fail without warning for no apparent reason. All we ask is that our customers follow a simple procedure so we may best serve them.

Yes I did call and ask for another copy of the Machine shop bill. The first was misplaced in the mountain of paperwork on my desk. 1 1/2 months I believe is an exaggeration. Everyone, if I wanted to rip them off why would I call and request another copy??

I responded to all of Mike and his wife's phone calls and emails. His statement saying I did not is just not true and is offensive. I spoke mostly with his wife. I spoke with Mike maybe 4 times.

We bent over backwards for Mike and Melissa to get them back on the water. Mike never mentioned how I called to check in with them after a holiday weekend to see how their boat was running and to check on the engines. Gosh why would a crappy business do that?

The Internet is a wonderful thing for boaters. I as a boater like to see the exchange of information and resources among our kind worldwide. It is helpful to know of unscrupulous businesses out there that prey on unsuspecting boaters. Unfortunately this tool can also be used unfairly by a consumer. In this case a lot of "Me too's" join the lynch mob and point fingers at the business. With this mob mentality the business loses and the consumers lose because of incorrect accusations that cause them to not patronize a business that could be a good source of parts and service.

I personally recognize the importance of customer service and consider it my mission statement. Victory Marines Service/Sales Marketing strategy which I help with is a balance of internet, Print, and word of mouth advertising generated by providing personalized service to my customer.

It is not uncommon for a customer to tow a boat across 5 states to Victory Marineís Mercruiser Authorized service facility. Other customers ship their Mercruiser engines across the country to Victory Marine for remanufacturing.

I am sorry Mike. I wish the one engine had not failed, but it did. Engines have failures everyday. We as a business tried to do everything to make you happy 30 days after your initial 30 day warranty had expired. A lot of businesses would have told you to get lost.We did not. I hope that most of you will agree that good customer service does not include letting a customer take unfair advantage of a business.

I personally endeavor to treat everyone like I want to be treated as a consumer. We have a long list of satisfied, return customers. Thanks for your time.

Keep the steps down!
Scot VanAlstine

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Default Re: Dealing With Victory Marine

3 sides to every story, it seems.... another reason I generally use only local shops. Distance tends to make things a little blurry; easier to work out problems if you can look someone in the eye.
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Default Re: Dealing With Victory Marine

Another Victory!
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Default Re: Dealing With Victory Marine

Point made, lets move on.

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