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The Boat Crash Thread

Old 08-16-2006, 12:41 AM
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Default Re: The Boat Crash Thread

Originally Posted by RaggedEdge
I just don't want to share the water with some dumb arse that is half in the bag and thinks he is invincible.
Hey leave me out of this
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Old 08-16-2006, 06:04 AM
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Default Re: The Boat Crash Thread

I find it interesting that when a car wreck is covered in the news that no ones focus is on whose brand it is (Unless it is a Hugo)

What concerns me is how quickly everyone piles on the boat manufacturer when an accident happens

yea there are some boats that are seemingly more prone to needing care in the way you drive them, but with that said the focus of any of these reports should be on what happened, not so much on who made the boat

If the manufacturer was having a lot of accidents with there boats then they should be addressed. Finding fault in the boat manufacturer should not be the focus, it should be in the driver who went past the boundary of their skills or the boats capability

By the way, some times it is just plain "an accident" if it were something different it would be called and "ON PURPOSE"
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Default Re: The Boat Crash Thread

I guess being a high profile item people take more interest in when something happens bad. Like the guy in California that crashed his Ferrari at a high speed,tore it to gets attention.

Also just think about the sport bikes that any 16 year old can buy that does around 180-190mph stock,run low 10's in the quarter,you hear about them crashing also. There insurance is higher than our sport boats .Price ratio,,I bet because of the accidents & capable speeds?

I have noticed some people get enjoyment out of others misfortune


The Only Time You Have To Much Ammo Is When Your Swimming Or On Fire.
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Old 08-16-2006, 10:18 AM
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Default Re: The Boat Crash Thread

ACCIDENTS HAPPEN,but in an event of an accident the most important thing is no body get hurt, every thing else damage wise can be repair or change,

every time that speed is in place the possibilities of an accident increase, why some times lack of experience, some times people do't know how the boat handle, some times people are under the influences of alcohol( and that is reckless and negligent) i guess my point is that as long speed is involved accident will keep happening, you can be the best driver but your boat don't have brakes, what happen when someone cross in front of you and you are running at high speed? some times people go to different places they don't know the water but they are out like they are from there.

in my job i deal with professionals drivers , race boats ,that have all the safety equipment( close canopies, 5 point harness,air systems), and some times in the event of an accident get ugly. now every body know they are faster boats out there than the average race boats, why? well they are not restricted.

my job is extremely hard , because the people in that boat that i will go after is my friend, is my weekend family, we look at the races from the air we see a lots of close calls an we have some accidents, an every time we have one my heart is in my throat until i have them out and i'm sure they are ok. so imagine what happen when you are out there by yourself or with a group of boats doing high speed, are you as safe as you thing you are? this is the question that you have to ask you self. PLEASE BE SAFE
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Old 08-18-2006, 03:24 PM
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Default Re: The Boat Crash Thread

Originally Posted by RaggedEdge
I can't speak for DT 42, but my take on where he is going would be that sometimes when we hear/read of these things it does make us stop and think about our own boating habits, and that is not necessarily a bad thing, that is to learn from anothers mistake or misfortune.
works for me. Be safe.
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Default Re: The Boat Crash Thread

Originally Posted by Sydwayz

that poor f ing dog, that dog wants to be put to sleep cuz it looks so gay
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Default Re: The Boat Crash Thread

Originally Posted by 100-Plus
Totally good valid points, especially from Thisistank. But I'm a little ... um ... mystified, if that's the right word, how reading about mishaps has made 42Fountain a "safer boater."

Again, people involved in accidents aren't coming on here and saying they made this or that mistake. I haven't read "I overtrimmed it" or "I turned too hard" or "It started chine walking and I couldn't control it." I've never read anything like that here, and I don't expect to.

Please direct me to a thread like that if I'm wrong.

Does simply knowing that fast boats can crash, and that crashes are worse when they're going fast, make anyone a safer boater? Because really, that's all you get from the retelling of these incidents, at least as they tend to evolve in threads.

My god guys, if we don't know that turning too hard can cause a boat to roll or overtrimming at high speed can lead to a loss of control or that drinking and driving a boat is dangerous and stupid, we're lost. No amount of information about recent accidents will save us.

I think it's a whole lot more honest to say we're just curious. We want to know what happened because everything about this sport, even the bad stuff, fascinates us.

I have read tons and tons of useful things here ... truly amazing stuff. But the accident threads are born out of curiosity and not much more. Besides the cautionary lessons of all accidents, things like accidents are usually the culmination of a series of things gone wrong rather than one thing, there's just not much to gain from hearing these stories. Especially second-hand.
You make some good points, however, most of us own boats capable of high speeds experienced or not.

It doesn't hurt to be reminded of the sometimes tragic consequences of unsafe operation or bad choices.

I am willing to bet there are either new boaters here, or on the other hand some that have led a charmed life not fully comprehending how close they have come to disaster.

For instance I often see boats go out of there way to jump tanker and tug boat wakes in Galveston Bay, something I was guilty of in the past.

When you see a picture of a boat that broke clean in half doing just that, you may well reassess that choice.

How many new owners of step hull boats know that they can spin out in conditions that a traditional hull would not?

I agree there is always some brand related ribbing going on here, you just have to be around a little longer to realize that much of it is just that.
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Default Re: The Boat Crash Thread

Originally Posted by Marginmn
Wrecks Happen - for a small percentage it is an unfortunate reality of going fast on the water. I guess OSO is concerned that insurance companies may use eyewitness accounts posted on OSO against the claim filers so it is frowned upon to elaborate on these crashes. I understand this and don't want to participate in the hosing up of an insurance claim for any of my OSO brothers.

However, the posting of these crashes in the past has always served to sober me up to the reality that going fast on the water is a deadly serious business that can have consequences. We too often get caught up in the "I'm Faster than you, he's Faster than Me" b.s posting that takes place on-line. It gets the blood flowing and our hormones up and we make our boats faster and faster. But we too often forget that we are PLEASURING BOATING, NOT RACING.

I have heard sketchy accounts of at least FOUR SEPARATE Incidents this past weekend where Performance boats have lost control and sunk to the bottom (not to mention the other unpublished incidents at recent poker runs that sent people into the drink).

I worry because we no longer have these accident threads to learn from other's mistakes and to shock us back into a sense of reality. Be careful out there people. Have fun but remember that our first priority should always be to get our boats and passengers back to the docks safe and dry.
very well said. it is a double edged sword for sure,

we will leave threads that are fact and not hearsay.

we will monitor the threads and in some cases liek today we might take one down temporarily for admin review.

please be safe and think smart.
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Old 08-19-2006, 12:27 AM
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Default Re: The Boat Crash Thread

Not buying XR drives from Canada will also make you a safer boater....

How is the beak running Robert? I might be moving back to Knoxville this fall....
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Default Re: The Boat Crash Thread

Originally Posted by masher44
Not buying XR drives from Canada will also make you a safer boater....

How is the beak running Robert? I might be moving back to Knoxville this fall....

Hey Masher,

The beak is running fine but I don't think it can hang with your rocket - maybe it would have been faster with one of those Canadian Moose drives

If you move back to Knoxville you'll have to come up and see us on Cumberland.
The Beak be gone
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